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Dana White agrees to debate Oscar De La Hoya on live TV: ‘Let’s do it, idiot’

Earlier this week, Golden Boy MMA promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, challenged Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President, Dana White, to a debate on live television so that mixed martial arts (MMA) fans could settle that longstanding debate.

Who is the biggest asshole in combat sports?

Since I wasn’t nominated (sniff), we’ll have to keep it between De La Hoya and White, the latter of whom appears very eager to show the world that his “idiot” rival is a former boxer looking to squeeze some juice from the fruits of MMA, and not a compassionate promoter who cares about his fighters.

“Let’s do it, idiot, c’mon, any show you want,” White told ESPN. “I wanna hear you stumble and bumble and mumble through ... he doesn’t run the business, he knows nothing about the business, he knows nothing about the sport and he’s not very bright. Let’s do it, any day of the week, and let’s do drug tests too.”

I guess White has reservations about debating “cokehead junkies.”

While bad blood already existed from the days of Affliction MMA, their rivalry was renewed when De La Hoya exhumed the remains of Chuck Liddell’s career and put them on display against the zombified corpse of Tito Ortiz.

“The Iceman” melted in the opening frame.

Golden Boy MMA is apparently coming back for another round of MMA action, and despite his fiery speech about fighter pay, De La Hoya will have to answer for some of the salaries on his last card, like the paltry $1,000 paid to Francisco Estrada.

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