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Avengers ‘End Game’ trailer used to promote UFC 232 rematch between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson (Video)

Remember that old commercial where those two Brady Bunch rejects crashed into each other on the sidewalk and the one gal was like, “Hey, you rammed your exposed chocolate bar into my open tub of peanut butter,” and Reese’s cups were born?

Innuendo aside, I think UFC was trying to execute something similar by mashing up the Avengers “End Game” trailer with the promo for UFC 232 “Jones vs. Gustafsson 2,” though I’m not sure how the latest Marvel blockbuster is applicable here.

Is Jones supposed to be Thanos? Gustafsson is Thor?

Considering promotion president Dana White snapped his fingers and 50 percent of the flyweight division disappeared, I’d rather see the UFC 232 light heavyweight headliners as Frank and Nada from They Live.

Speaking of muscular wrestlers who think the world is being taken over by aliens, Georges St-Pierre was on Twitter showing off his knife skills wearing stonewashed jeans that would look right at home on Montreal Hills, 90210.

Have a look:

That is all.

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