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Donald Cerrone has a message for his former coach: ‘F—k you, Winkeljohn’

Donald Cerrone is still not a fan of his former coach Mike Winkeljohn of JacksonWink fame.

”Cowboy” Cerrone used to be one of the fighters you mentioned in your first breath when talking about the Albuquerque gym’s name. Now he’s at the center of an ugly spat with the world famous striking coach and his new protege “Platinum” Mike Perry. Back in August Cerrone called JacksonWink a “puppy mill,” kicking off a back and forth that ended with him unwelcome at the gym and training exclusively at his nearby BMF Ranch.

During a media day for Saturday’s UFC Denver card where Cerrone and Perry will fight, reporters asked if the split would be happening if the Perry match-up hadn’t caused everything to come to a head.

“This fight’s happening,” Cerrone said at the UFC media day in Denver. “You mean, in terms of where I could still be at the gym and where this never would have happened? ... It happened, it didn’t, and Winkeljohn drew his line in the sand. And now I get to spit on him on the other side. So it’s alright. F**k him, there’s your clickbait, motherf*ckers. F*ck you, Winkeljohn.”

“My fight’s with Perry it has nothing to do with Wink,” Cerrone said. “That’s outside drama it won’t even come into play on Saturday. Right now you’re bringing this out of me. I’ll see him Saturday, but my opponent is Perry. Perry has nothing to do with the drama going on or any of that, so yeah.”

We’d say Team JacksonWink is better off without the drama, but it sounds like “Platinum” Mike Perry is more than happy to generate a bunch of that himself. When news of former JacksonWink member Ray Borg’s removal from UFC Denver came out, Perry aired a bunch of dirty laundry.

”He got caught, bro,” Perry told TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter. “He was talking shit about Frank ‘The Tank’ on his wife’s Instagram Stories in the background. We heard him talking. Saying, ‘I don’t like Frank, he’s not a good coach.’ You don’t know nothing about Frank. He’s just a fucking hater, that’s why his bitch ass isn’t showing up this week to fucking fight like a man. Shit, you come down with illness? Bitch, you scared.”

So things sound really great and not high school at all inside Team JacksonWink.

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