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Bare knuckle boxing results, LIVE streaming coverage for WBKFF 1: ‘Baroni vs Leben’

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Bareknuckle boxing action returns to your streaming device of choice tonight (Fri., Nov. 9, 2018) as World Bare Knuckle Fighting Federation (WBKFF) hits FITE.TV. And before you ask: No, this isn’t the same promotion that has already put on three events this year. These are totally different guys.

MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of WBKFF 1: “Baroni vs. Leben” below, starting with the free undercard at 8:30 p.m. ET and continuing on with the pay-per-view (PPV) main card at 10 p.m. ET.

In the main event, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veterans Phil Baroni and Chris Leben will lock horns, while Welterweight champion Johny Hendricks takes on late replacement Dakota Cochrane, who steps in on days’ notice for Brennan Ward (details), in the co-main event. The card will also feature and a six-man Lightweight tournament for a grand prize of $100,000.

Other UFC vets on the card include Julian Lane, Christina Marks, Josh Neer, Jay Cucciniello, and more.


Chris Leben vs. Phil Baroni — Leben def. Baroni by TKO at 1:19 of Round One
Johny Hendricks vs. Dakota Cochrane — Cochrane def. Hendricks by KO at 0:21 of Round Two
Joey Angelo vs. Julian Lane — Lane def. Angelo by split decision (47-48, 49-46 x2)
Christina Marks vs. Jasmine Clarkson — Marks def. Clarkson by TKO at 1:54 of Round Two
Estevan Payan vs. Mike Bronzoulis
Robbie Peralta vs. Jay Cucciniello — Peralta def. Cucciniello by unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45)
Nick Gonzalez vs. Leon Mynhardt — Mynhardt def. Gonzalez by TKO at 0:56 of Round Two
Josh Neer vs. Mike Alderete — Neer def. Alderete by retirement at 2:00 of Round Three
Marcelo Alfaya vs. Joey Munoz — Munoz def. Alfaya by majority decision (47-47, 48-47, 48-46
Isaac Vallie-Flagg vs. Cory Simpson — Vallie-Flagg def. Simpson by KO at 1:10 of Round Two
CJ Leveque vs. Juan Torres — Torres def. Leveque by KO at 1:33 of Round Two
Fred Pierce vs. Jeff Chiffens — Chiffens def. Pierce by TKO at 1:04 of Round One


Chris Leben vs. Phil Baroni

Round one: Baroni steps into the clinch right away. Again; it almost looks like he’s shooting takedowns. Back to the clinch goes Baroni. Again and Leben clips him with a left on the way in. Baroni looks like he doesn’t know where he is. Again Leben clips him on the way in, then shoves him down. The ref gives Baroni a count for some reason. Baroni wades in again and gets dropped with a chopping left on the way in. The ref waves it off as Baroni stumbles around.

Final result: Leben def. Baroni by TKO

Johny Hendricks vs. Dakota Cochrane

Round one: Cochrane opens with a right to the body. Both swinging big and Cochrane briefly rocks Hendricks with a straight right. Clinch. Hendricks sporting a cut now. Clinch again. Short right hand by Cochrane in the clinch. Hendricks lands lefts inside. Cochrane lands a right downstairs. Overhand right by Cochrane, who slips on the way in. 10-9 Cochrane.

Round two: Cochrane blasts Hendricks with a straight right right off the bell. Hendricks goes down hard, goes to his knees, and waits out the count.

Final result: Cochrane def. Hendricks by KO

Joey Angelo vs. Julian Lane

Round one: Lane on the front foot. Angelo tries a Superman punch that misses, then lands a counter right. Lane swinging big, connects against the ropes. Lane looking a bit more patient. Double right hand and he clinches in the corner. Angelo fires a counter uppercut and looks to open up. Straight left lands for him. 10-9 Lane.

Round two: Lane wades in and they trade in the corners for a bit. Angelo presses forward with a combination. Straight left from Angelo. Swatting right by Lane on the ropes. Two hooks, which open up a cut, follow soon after. Good right to the body. Overhand right met by a tight hook from Angelo. 10-9 Lane.

Round three: Angelo initiates the brawl this time and they go at it for a bit. 1-2 from Angelo. Angelo tries to spin and falls well short. Counter straight right catches Angelo hopping in and puts him on his butt. He looks steady. Another looping right from Lane in the corner, then a straight into the clinch. 10-8 Lane.

Round four: Angelo lands a check right hook in the corner. Lane fires a right downstairs and Angelo charges in with punches. Swatting right from Lane, then a straight. Angelo digs in some body shots. Clinch. 10-9 Angelo.

Round five: Lane’s left hand is broken.

Angelo catches Lane coming in with a right hand. Swatting rights from Lane and Angelo opens up. Body shots inside from Lane. Lead right connects. Again. Body shot into the clinch. Uppercut inside. Angelo lands a right hook inside. 10-9 Lane.

Final result: Lane def. Angelo by split decision

Christina Marks vs. Jasmine Clarkson

Round one: Tentative start to the fight. Swatting right and straight left by Clarkson. Clarkson sporting a cut over her right eye, eats a right hand. Marks throwing multiple right hands in sequence and landing them. Clarkson’s cut looks gnarly and the ref pauses to look at it. 10-9 Marks.

Round two: Marks switching stance, moving forward. She opens up with right hands against the ropes. Really not much coming back from Clarkson so far. Marks barrels in and continues to land hard right hands. Another good straight right. Another series of right hands appear to damage Clarkson’s eye, and she turns her back while covering up. That’s a stoppage.

Final result: Marks def. Clarkson by TKO

Estevan Payan vs. Mike Bronzoulis

Payan pulled out this morning. Bronzoulis gets a bye.

Robbie Peralta vs. Jay Cucciniello

Round one: Both men swinging long early. Peralta to the body. Cucciniello looking to jab. More body work by Peralta. Again, met by a Cucciniello left hook. Trading jabs. Peralta lands a right downstairs. Low-high flurry. 10-9 Peralta.

Round two: eCucciniello popping the jab, eats a right downstairs. Peralta blitzes and drops Cucciniello with a right hook around the guard. Cucciniello is lucid and takes his time to stand, so he’s alright. Peralta comes right after him, throwing heat. Good shots from Peralta, mixing in body blows. Straight right downstairs. Flurry. Cucciniello just not throwing enough power back at him. 10-8 Peralta.

Round three: Both men jabbing early. Peralta whiffs on a flurry. Good right from Peralta to the body. Nice uppercut from Cucciniello. Glancing right met by a bigger right. Cucciniello sporting a cut near his right eye, eats a right downstairs. Uppercut and right cross land for Peralta, Cucciniello clips him with a left before the bell. 10-9 Peralta.

Round four: Back to the jab battle. Peralta tries to blitz. Left hook lands for him. 2-3 from Peralta and jabs to follow up. Cucciniello goes low-high. Three-piece stings Cucciniello in return. Another combo by Peralta and the ref pauses the action to look at Cucciniello’s growing cut. Peralta continues to land the jab when they resume. Cucciniello lands an overhand left and they slug in the clinch. 10-9 Peralta.

Round five: Cucciniello lands a right hand, eats a bigger one in return near the ropes. Combo from Peralta. Cucciniello overhand falls just short. Peralta flurries. Left hook lands for him. Cucciniello fires an overhand and backs away from a flurry. Lead left lands for Cucciniello, who digs to the body inside. Cucciniello catches him with a left and Peralta tries to slug it out to the end. 10-9 Peralta.

Final result: Peralta def. Cucciniello by unanimous decision

Nick Gonzalez vs. Leon Mynhardt

Round one: Mynhardt quick with his hands early. Hard right shovel hook on the ropes. Lead left by Gonzalez. Left hook from Mynhardt. They trade right hands and Gonzalez appears to stumble. Another right hand and combination. He’s sharper than Gonzalez, picking him off on the counter. Counter hooks from Mynhardt. Gonzalez to the body. More combos by Mynhardt. Check hook gets Gonzalez’s knuckles to touch the mat, but no knockdown. 10-9 Mynhardt.

Round two: Gonzalez fires an overhand right, but gets staggered by a jab. Mynhardt patiently opening up on the ropes, lands a straight right. The punches continue to pile up and in comes the ref.

Final result: Mynhardt def. Gonzalez by TKO

Josh Neer vs. Mike Alderete

Round one: Alderete aggressive early, moving quite a bit. Neer steps into the clinch for a moment. Again and they trade inside. Uppercut by Alderete, one from Neer. Neer lands a series of body shots inside while Alderete tries to sneak punches around his guard. Neer opening up on the ropes. More holding and hitting. Alderete’s not doing enough in return so far. Neer smothering him. Body shot from Alderete. 10-9 Neer.

Round two: Neer lands a hard uppercut and goes back to bashing him in the clinch. Good uppercut. Neer just stays on him. Alderete trying to rsepond with body shots in the clinch. Clinch uppercuts and he backs Alderete through the ropes. 10-9 Neer.

Round three: Neer continues to pressure, landing volume through Alderete’s guard. Alderete’s left eye is swelling. Neer just continues to grab the back of Alderete’s head and thump him with uppercuts and hooks. Alderete lands a few shots at range, then gets crushed by a clinch uppercut on the ropes. He’s wobbly when he stands. Alderete slips before the bell. 10-8 Neer.

Alderete bows out between rounds.

Final result: Neer def. Alderete by RTD

Marcelo Alfaya vs. Joey Munoz

Round one: Alfaya scores a knockdown in the first ten seconds. It’s not a hard knockdown, though, and Munoz makes it up. Alfaya rushes in, eats right hands. Clinch, separation, another clinch and more right hands from Munoz inside. 10-8 Alfaya.

Round two: Alfaya marches back into the clinch, eats more right hands. Munoz initiates the next clinch and Alfaya is warned for hitting on the break. More clinching and hitting. Alfaya warned again. Alfaya moves into the clinch AGAIN, more swatting. This strategy sucks. Again. Clinch, separation. 10-9 Munoz.

Round three: More holding and hitting. Alfaya lands a body shot. Munhoz looks like he’s slowing down. Alfaya now seems to be working from the outside, digs to the body. Another right downstairs. Munoz tries to flurry. Clinch. 10-9 Alfaya.

Round four: Holding and hitting. They trade right hands, lefts from Munoz inside. Alfaya lands a right downstairs. 2-1 into the clinch. Ref’s separating them quickly at this point. Clinch. Left hook by Munoz. Heavy blows from Munoz inside, suddenly. 10-9 Munoz.

Round five: Early clinching. Alfaya kinda sucks. Munoz flurries his way inside. Clinch. Ref takes a point from Alfaya for hitting on the break. More clinching. Clinch, holding and hitting. Munoz tries a hammerfist and unloads with some heavy blows at the bell. 10-8 Munoz with the point deduction.

Final result: Munoz def. Alfaya by majority decision

Isaac Vallie-Flagg vs. Cory Simpson

Round one: 3-2 from Simpsons opens things. Vallie-Flagg fires a right hand in return, eats some right hooks inside. Vallie-Flagg digs an uppercut downstairs after eating a high-low combo. They swat at each other in the clinch. Simpson lands a right on the break. Nice liver shot. Swatting right around Vallie-Flagg’s guard. Vallie-Flagg lands a straight right, his best punch so far. Simpson lands a pair of overhands before the bell. 10-9 Simpson.

Round two: Vallie-Flagg opens with combinations and crumples Simpson with a right uppercut. He bows to the crowd as Simpson works his way to his feet. Simpson swings for the fences as soon as they resume. Vallie-Flagg clinches and digs in uppercuts. Liver shot in the clinch and down goes Simpson again. That’s it.

Final result: Vallie-Flagg def. Simpson by KO

CJ Leveque vs. Juan Torres

Round one: Once again, they just start slugging right away, meeting in the center and refusing to back up. Good jab from Torres. Two lefts from Torres and Leveque looks for body shots in the clinch. Another two lefts to the body. Ref pauses the action to look at both men’s cuts; Torres’ is over his right eye, Leveque’s to the side of his right eye. Torres lands some solid shots with his back on the ropes. 1-2 when they resume. They forgot to turn the clock back on on the stream. Leveque lands a lead right. 10-9 Torres.

Round two: Leveque finally finds the mark with a looping right hand, putting Torres on his butt. Torres beats the count without issue. Leveque looks to press the advantage, eats an uppercut, lands another right hand. Leveque swinging freely. Clinch. Right hook lands for Torres, then a left to the body and some shots in the clinch. Leveque falls to his knees and the ref calls it.

Final result: Torres def. Leveque by KO

Fred Pierce vs. Jeff Chiffens

Round one: Chiffens goes right into it, backing Pierce to the ropes. They slug away at close quarters until the ref splits them up. Pierce getting the better of it, forces Chiffens back. After another quick flurry, both men are sporting cuts. They pause to look at the cuts, failing to stop the clock as they do so. When they return to the action, Pierce clips Chiffens with a pair of punches, backs him against the ropes, and walks into an overhand right that puts him down. The ref waves it off as Pierce gets to his feet.

Final result: Chiffens def. Pierce by TKO

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