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Anderson Silva: Georges St-Pierre keeps running from me, only takes easy UFC fights

A super fight between Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva is one contest fans have clamored for over the last few years. But, much to everyone’s dismay, it never came to be.

When Georges eventually made his comeback after an extended sit, the former UFC Welterweight champion did challenge for the Middleweight title, but it was against Michael Bisping, who was holding the strap, not “The Spider.”

To hear Anderson tell it, while he respects St-Pierre, the fact of the matter is “Rush” will only take fights he knows are easy and do not offer much resistance.

“That’s an interesting fight, but Georges has never come to accept the challenge,” Silva told ESPN. “Georges just runs, runs, runs, It’s crazy. I do not think Georges wants the fight -- but that’s okay. I respect Georges. He is a great fighter. Maybe he just has a different view -- to take easy fights. That’s not me. I like to take the big challenges in my life.”

In a time when super fights were rare, a bout between the former champions would've done great numbers at the box office when they were both titleholders. While a fight between the two of them would still be great to see, it may be a few years too late.

But since Georges is very smart and selective, he still will likely pass on the challenge, says Silva.

“Georges is very lucky and very smart. He never goes to take a fight if it’s not easy. That’s the point. Georges, for me, is a great fighter, but he never takes the real challenges in life. That’s my opinion. I respect him, but that’s my opinion.”

To prove he isn’t one to back down from a challenge, the 43 year-old former champion will make his return to the cage to face undefeated (15-0. 4-0 UFC) sensation Israel Adesanya — who is 14 years younger than the Brazilian — at UFC 234 on February 9.

With a win, Anderson expects to be fighting for the 185-pound title soon thereafter, while there are no signs of “Rush” returning to the cage anytime soon.

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