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Khabib plans to skip NSAC hearing for UFC 229 brawl - ‘They can give me 10 years ban, I don’t care’

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor remain in hot water after participating in an all-out brawl following their lightweight title fight last month at UFC 229 in Las Vegas.

While the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) ultimately released half of Khabib’s $2 million fight purse, the undefeated Russian fighter will have to travel back to Las Vegas on Dec. 10 for an official disciplinary hearing. At that time, McGregor’s punishment will be handed out as well.

Considering NSAC has the final word in these matters it’s important that Khabib and “Notorious” both play ball. McGregor already knows firsthand how the commission works so he’ll be sure to do everything by the book.

Khabib, however, doesn’t seem too worried about showing up to his December hearing. Despite the sensitivity of the situation and the potential for lengthy suspensions and fines, the UFC lightweight champion feels like he didn’t do anything wrong following his submission victory over McGregor.

“On December 10 they will meet again and call me but I’m not going,” Khabib proclaimed in a recent interview with BeIN Sports (via “I just defended my family and my religion. If they want to punish me, they can get all the money I earn, and they can give me 10 years ban. I don’t care.”

“I’m not guilty,” he continued. “I started the fight and I finished as a man. They’ll punish the initiator, I won the fight in the rules. After the fight I showed him that what he did before the fight would not be unrequited.”

Whether or not Khabib was defending his family and religion from the harsh things McGregor uttered before their massive title fight, “Eagle” shouldn’t have soared outside of the Octagon to antagonize, and physically attack, McGregor’s teammate Dillon Danis. At the end of the day, the Russian’s actions were completely and utterly unprofessional, and ultimately sparked complete chaos at UFC 229.

If the UFC lightweight champion doesn’t abide by the NSAC rules and skips his hearing come December it’s not going to bode well for his chances to return to competition. And with a rumored superfight opposite Floyd Mayweather Jr. on the table Khabib is going to want to avoid any sort of unnecessary sanctions.

Only time will tell if Nurmagomedov is simply blowing smoke or if he really intends to leave the most powerful commission in combat sports hanging.

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