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UFC Adelaide results: Dos Santos vs Tuivasa live stream play-by-play updates

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) continues to finish up its duties on the FOX Sports 1 airwaves with its second event of the week TONIGHT (Sat., Dec. 1, 2018), courtesy of the UFC Fight Night 142 mixed martial arts (MMA) event inside Adelaide Entertainment Center in Adelaide, South Australia, which includes additional “Prelims” undercard bouts airing on UFC Fight Pass. Headlining the network-televised fight card is the heavyweight showdown between ex-champion Junior dos Santos and undefeated up-and-comer Tai Tuivasa. In the heavyweight co-main event, longtime veteran and hometown hero, Mark Hunt, will make his final appearance under the UFC banner opposite the rough-and-tumble Justin Willis. In addition, Sydney’s Tyson Pedro looks to get back into the light heavyweight win column when he battles former 205-pound champion Mauricio Rua. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 142 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass “Prelims” undercard bout at 7 p.m. ET, followed by the FOX Sports 1 “Prelims” undercard bouts at 8 p.m. ET, before the main card start time at 10 p.m. ET, also on FOX Sports 1.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Dos Santos vs. Tuivasa.” It should also be noted that UFC Adelaide takes place on Sunday in Australia, but airs live on Saturday night in most other places in the world because of the discrepancy in time zones.

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 142 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Junior Dos Santos vs. Tai Tuivasa — Dos Santos def. Tuivasa by TKO (strikes) at 2:30 of Round Two
Tyson Pedro vs. Mauricio Rua — Rua def. Pedro by TKO (strikes) at 0:43 of Round Three
Mark Hunt vs. Justin Willis — Willis def. Hunt by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Tony Martin vs. Jake Matthews — Martin def. Matthews by technical submission (anaconda choke) at 1:19 of Round One
Suman Mokhtarian vs. Sodiq Yusuff — Yusuff def. Mokhtarian by TKO (punches) at 2:14 of Round One
Paul Craig vs. Jim Crute — Crute def. Craig by submission (kimura) at 4:51 of Round Three
Alexey Kunchenko vs. Yushin Okami — Kunchenko def. Okami by unanimous decision (30-26 x2, 30-27)
Ben Nguyen vs. Wilson Reis — Reis def. Nguyen by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Keita Nakamura vs. Salim Touahri — Nakamura def. Touahri by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28 )
Kai Kara-France vs. Elias Garcia — Kara-France def. Garcia by unanimous decision (30-25 x2, 30-26)
Christos Giagos vs. Mizuto Hirota — Giagos def. Hirota by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-28)
Alex Gorgees vs. Damir Ismagulov — Ismagulov def. Gorgees by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-26 x2)


265 lbs.: Junior Dos Santos vs. Tai Tuivasa

Round 1: Tai in black, JDS in gray, Herb the ref. Tai comes in hot, but stumbles as they near the fence and JDS scampers away. This essentially repeats itself a few seconds later. Heavy low kicks from both men. Tuivasa gets a clinch with Dos Santos back up against the links. JDS manages to break away without eating any damage. Overhand right from the former champ juuuuust misses the chin of Tuivasa. Tai misses a pair of rights of his own. Junior with a counter right as Tai bulls his way into a clinch. Tuivasa breaks away with a left hand. Junior tries a spinning wheel kick, but Tai ducks under it. Tuivasa with a knee, slips, and is happy to find out the JDS just lets him back up. Uppercut from JDS, right from Tuivasa. Enormous low kick from the Aussie sends Dos Santos to the mat and while he’s immediately back up, he’s limping immediately.

10-9 Tuivasa

Round 2: Tuivasa guns in an overhand right, but Dos Santos wears it well. Another one as the Brazilian is backed to the cage. JDS checks a low kick and throws one of his own. Tai with a body shot into a clinch. JDS with a series of four right hands that knocks down Tuivasa. JDS is on top and the former champ is GNP’ing him with consistency. Dos Snatos moves to mount and Tuivasa is eating punch after punch. He’s not out of it and is trying to strike from the bottom, but he’s making zero effort to get out of the mounted position he finds himself in. This isn’t an intelligent defense, and Dean stops the fight!

Final result: Dos Santos def. Tuivasa by TKO (strikes)

205 lbs.: Tyson Pedro vs. Shogun Rua

Round 1: Pedro in black, Shogun in gray. Our ref is Steve Percival. Slow start, as both men are just feeling each other out at the moment. 1-2 from Pedro, Rua with a kick, but stumbles, either from the punches or just a slip. Pedro comes in and they both fire in rapid fashion. Both men landing, too. Rua clinches Pedro back to the fence, but Pedro gets out and we’re back at distance. Thumping 1-2 by Pedro. Counter right by Shogun in answer. Right head kick to right hand. They’re firing and Shogun is hurt! Right hands in rapid succession by Pedro and Shogun is not looking good here. Pedro goes for a takedown for some reason and that gives Shogun a moment to recover. Pedro punches into a clinch. Nice knee to the body. Shogun reverses against the cage, manages to get a takedown with about 12 seconds to go.

10-9 Pedro

Round 2: Overhand from Shogun lands. As does a body shot a few seconds later. Rua closes distance and gets the body lock. Shogun worms his way to the back bodylock and drags Tyson Pedro to the mat. Pedro looking for a kimura almost immediately. Shogun defends it and he’s in side control. Not much from this position, save a couple of left hands. Short lefts are about all that’s happening. They’re not doing much, but the ref is being lenient and lets it continue all the way to 1 minute left. Pedro manages to get to his feet at that point, but Shogun has better position to really throw some leather. Pedro is bleeding from somewhere on his head.

10-9 Rua

Round 3: Uh oh, Pedro randomly stumbled out of nowhere, and Rua just started blasting him. A right sends him to the mat and Shogun is unloading on the prone Aussie! Pedro is trying to keep the damage from raining down on him, and the ref is giving him opportunities, but at least ten punches came through and Rua earns the comeback stoppage!

Final result: Rua def. Pedro by TKO (strikes)

265 lbs.: Mark Hunt vs. Justin Willis

Round 1: Hunt in black, Willis in gray, Herb Dean the ref. Mark takes center octagon and they stare at each other for a good 30 seconds before Willis throws a high kick to the shoulder area of the “Super Samoan”. Hunt slapped a kick into Willis’ leg that actually opens up a cut on Hunt’s own right shin. Body kick by Mark. Neither man is throwing a lot, but they all have a lot of heat on each swing. 90 seconds to go. Nice right hand by Hunt. Hunt looking to counter mostly, but Hunt isn’t really giving him any openings. There’s a jab from Willis that pops Hunt’s head back. Another one.

10-9 Hunt

Round 2: Willis goes with a couple of low kicks to open up. Very slow round so far. Willis circles, finally pops in a jab as he stays on the outside. Almost halfway through the match and the crowd is starting to get rowdy. Straight left by the American. There’s a 1-2, as well. Willis still working that jab. None of these pot-shots are going to knock out Mark Hunt, but Willis is racking up points as the round ends.

10-9 Willis

Round 3: Same gameplan so far for Willis, as most of his shots are just the jab. Body kick from Hunt gets in a bit of revenge. Head kick by Willis sneaks in. The commentary booth is speculating that the cut on the back leg of Hunt has stymied his output and footwork, and they might be right. Right-left by Willis again. Willis sprinkling in some uppercuts as Hunt keeps leaning his head down. Hunt seems unable to deal with the circling to the outside angle - he’s not cutting the American off, just following. On cue, Hardy mentions that as well. Jab, circle, jab, circle, jab, circle. Hunt misses on a big left. Willis not exactly winning a boatload of fans, but winning the fight.

10-9 Willis

Final result: Willis def. Hunt by unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Tony Martin vs. Jake Matthews

Round 1: Matthews connects with an overhand right. Neither landing clean so far. One minute in. Good right hand lands for Martin. Low kick lands. He answers a body shot with a right cross. Matthews leg kick. Leg kick from Martin. Two minutes to go.

Matthews cracks him with a lead left, then a 2-3. They’re slugging. Overhand right lands for Martin and they wave each other on. A huge right hand and down goes Martin. Matthews jumps on a guillotine and a scramble ensues. Martin lands on top, but Matthews regains guard and keeps squeezing. He loses it. Martin on top in half guard. Matthews looks for a kimura. 10-9 Matthews.

Round 2: Low kick from Martin. Martin on the advance. One minute in. Long right hand by Matthews. Hard overhand right rattles Martin, but Matthews can’t land the follow-up flying knee. Check hook by Matthews. Two minutes in. 3-2 from Martin met by a right hand. Jabs landing for Martin. Calf kicks landing for Martin and they’re having an impact. Two minutes to go.

Both land right hands. One minute to go. Matthews’ output has dropped. Another low kick from Martin. Matthews enters the clinch, lands a knee and eats a right hand. Matthews wades after him with haymakers. 10-9 Martin.

Round 3: Matthews tries to wade in with punches. Another low kick and an uppercut catches Matthews shooting. Martin tries to take the back, then wraps up an anaconda choke. Matthews goes out in seconds.

Final result: Martin def. Matthews by technical submission (anaconda choke)

145 lbs.: Suman Mokhtarian vs. Sodiq Yusuff

Round 1: Yusuff throwing early, blasts Mokhtarian with uppercuts in the clinch. Yusuff reverses and they trade knees. Yusuff’s are harder. He separates, unloads on the fence. Hard counter right, then another that rattles Mokhtarian. Two minutes in. Mokhtarian is throwing with him but getting battered. Yusuff rips the body, then unloads until Mokhtarian covers up and the ref steps in. Mokhtarian isn’t happy.

Final result: Yusuff def. Mokhtarian by TKO (punches)

205 lbs.: Paul Craig vs. Jim Crute

Round 1: Craig opens with a wheel kick. He tries a body kick, then shoots, putting Crute on his back. Crute tries to stand, goes for a sweep a minute in. Craig maintains half guard. Now Crute pulls the sweep into half guard. Two minutes in. Craig regains guard and Crute waves him up. Crute slips, hits a takedown into guard. Craig looking for a triangle. Crute passes to side control, then mount after slipping out. Two minutes to go.

Crute has the arm triangle The fence is in his way, so Craig survives. Back to half guard. Crute cracks Craig with punches, then lets him up. Spinning back kick to the face by Craig and he shoots under a head kick, only for Crute to land on top in side control. Crute briefly threatens a kimura. He threatens another one, then lands hammerfists. 10-9 Crute.

Round 2: Craig hits a quick takedown into guard. Craig looking to land on the fence. One minute in. Craig gets half guard. Back to full. Short ground-and-pound from Craig. Crute scrambles up, nearly takes the back and attempts a rolling leglock attempt two minutes in. He allows Craig to stand, sprawls on a shot and looks for the back. Good shots from Crute on a turtling Craig. Craig looks for a leg and takes him down again. Two minutes to go.

Craig has him against the cage. Crute threatens an armbar and scrambles his way into top position, waving Craig up. Craig looks slow to stand, but tries a spinning back kick. He shoots, swept into half guard. Crute looks for a kimura at the bell, surrenders top position. 10-9 Craig.

Round 3: Craig shoots in deep, pulls guard when he can’t get it. Crute on top in half guard. Staying patient. One minute in. Crute looking to set up the arm triangle again. The fence is still in his way. He manages to pass to side control and get a better angle two minutes in. Crute staying committed to it. Craig writhing. Two minutes to go.

Crute abandons it, takes mount. Craig regains half guard. Back to mount with a minute to go. Short shots from Crute. Now he postures up for bigger blows. Craig regains half guard. Crute grabs a kimura, cranks, and gets the tap in the waning seconds.

Final result: Crute def. Craig by submission (kimura)

170 lbs.: Alexey Kunchenko vs. Yushin Okami

Round 1: Okami opens orthodox. Low kicks from Kunchenko. One minute in. Okami shoots from far out and Kunchenko tries to dig to the body. They separate. Left hook from Kunchenko. 1-2 from Okami. Overhand right lands for the Russian. Check hook by Okami two minutes in. Quick combo from Kunchenko. Low kicks. Two minutes to go.

Okami connects with a straight right. He shoots, stuffed, takes Kunchenko to the fence. One minute to go. Okami keeping him against the cage until the ref separates them. Back to the leg kicks. Both fire right hands. 10-9 Kunchenko.

Round 2: Okami shoots into a knee, eats one to the body on the way up. Another shot from Okami, Kunchenko sprawls on it, ultimately separates. One minute in. Kunchenko finds the mark with another right hand. Low-high with the left-right. Good punches inside. Kunchenko stuffs another shot and Okami puts him on the fence. They separate. 1-2 from the Russian. He stuffs yet another takedown and chips away with hammerfists. Okami puts him on the cage once again. Two minutes to go. Knee from Kunchenko. Two minutes to go.

Kunchenko stuffs another shot and Okami tries to pull guard. Kunchenko lets him up. One minute to go. Body kick by Kunchenko. Okami lands a knee as Kunchenko connects with punches, then shoots. Stuffed again. Kunchenko drops Okami with a left at the bell. 10-9 Kunchenko.

Round 3: Kunchenko stalking forward, looking to open up. He denies another takedown, gets taken to the fence. One minute in. Okami trying to muscle him around the fence. Short shots from Kunchenko. Hard elbow on the break. Head kick attempts. Okami shoots and pulls guard. Denied. Kicks from Kunchenko, sprawls on another shot. He kicks Okami’s legs after the Japanese veteran pulls guard. Two minutes to go.

Okami shoots again, denied again, eats a knee and righ thand. Okami body kick. Shoots, stuffed. One minute to go. Two right hands and a 3-2 from Kunchenko. Okami’s trying to slug with him. Clean head kick by Kunchenko. Kunchenko on the attack, tries a wheel kick and blasts Okami with an overhand right that forces a shot. 10-9 Kunchenko.

Final result: Kunchenko def. Okami by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Ben Nguyen vs. Wilson Reis

Round 1: Nguyen tries a counter head kick. Reis catches a body kick and takes him to the fence. Good defense from Nguyen. One minute in. Reis gets Nguyen to his rear. Reis looking for the back. Nguyen manages to turn to face him and lands a knee on the break. Reis fires a head kick. Side kick to 1-2. Right hook by Reis. Two minutes to go.

Left cross connects for Nguyen. Quick exchange on the fence, 1-2 from Nguyen. Reis lands a right hook and leg kick. Nguyen with a low kick and straight left. Another 1-2. Reis with a well-timed double-leg, dumps Nguyen on the fence. One minute to go. Nguyen makes it to his feet and both land short blows. He reverses position, gets taken down via single-leg. 10-9 Reis.

Round 2: They trade near the fence. Reis hits a takedown and looks for the back. Nguyen makes it back up and gets double under a minute in. Elbow upstairs on the break. They trade near the fence once again, both landing. Reis ties up off an attempted Nguyen entry. Nguyen separates two minutes in. 2-3 from Nguyen. Reis clips him wit ha right near the fence, walks into an elbow. Reis comes back with a left hand and shoots, fighting off a kimura. Back to the center with two minutes to go.

Both look for knees. Reis shoots after an exchange. He gets Nguyen to his seat. One minute to go. Nguyen makes it back up, gets underhooks, separates. Lead elbow from Nguyen. 10-9 Reis.

Round 3: Righ tback to the close-range exchanges. Elbow from Nguyen counters a leg kick. Reis lands to the leg and body. One minute in. Another leg kick. Nguyen denies a shot. Left hand by Reis. Jab lands for Nguyen. 1-2. Uppercut, counter left. Reis gets in on a single-leg. He drags Nguyen to his seat. Nguyen is frustrated. He pops back up with two minutes to go.

Nguyen separates. Overhand left from Reis. One minute to go. Nguyen circles out of an attempted shot. He’s avoiding a lot, but not throwing. Blast double from Reis. Nguyen sweeps back to his feet. They trade inside and Nguyen stuffs another takedown. Right hook from Reis, failed shot. 10-9 Reis.

Final result: Reis def. Nguyen by unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Keita Nakamura vs. Salim Touahri

Round 1: Nakamura connects with a 2-3. Another lead left. Low kick from Touahri a minute in. They trade on the fence. Two minutes in. Slow fight so far. Touahri tries a right hand, blocks a head kick. Touahri looks to counter a low kick. Left hook. Two minutes to go.

Touahri lands a powerful right to the body. Counter left by Nakamura. He looks for a reactive takedown, denied. One minute to go. Knee to the body by Touahri. 10-9 Touahri.

Round 2: Nakamura shoots, stuffed, eats a knee. Counter hook from Touahri against the guard. Straight left by Nakamura, who drops Touahri with a counter hook. Touahri clinches up a minute in after standing. Nakamura connects in the clinch before they separate. Low kick from Nakamura. Two minutes in. Check hook by Touahri off a hook. Right hook by Nakamura two minutes in. They trade hooks. Touahri to the body. Two minutes to go.

Low kick from Nakamura. Hard body shot by Touahri. Another, then a good left hook. One minute to go. Counter hook by Touahri. Nakamura straight left. 10-9 Nakamura.

Round 3: Nakamura looks for a single-leg, Touahri limp-legs out. Touahri avoids an elbow, lands a left hook. One minute in. Low kick from Nakamura. Touahri lands an uppercut, walks into a right hook. Two minutes in. Nakamura shoots, stuffed, lands elbows. Leg kick lands. Straight left and jab. Lead left. Two minutes to go.

Touahri stiffs a takedown, lands a knee and left hand. Lots of staring in the center. Nakamura straight left. One minute to go. Nakamura pops him with a jab, avoids a wide right swing. Good right hand to the body from the Pole. They trade at the bell. 10-9 Nakamura.

Final result: Nakamura def. Touahri by split decision

125 lbs.: Kai Kara-France vs. Elias Garcia

Round 1: Garcia goes for an early takedown and immediately transitions to a heel hook. Kara-France matches the scramble, ending up on top. Full guard. Short elbow from Kara-France a minute in. Garcia looking for a triangle. Kara-France stands and waves him back up. Two minutes in. Kara-France firing punches, lands a body kick. Hard left hand connects. Garcia lands a pair of lefts. A sudden straight left drops Kara-France, who comes back with a booming right hand. Body kick from Kara-France, who stuffs a takedown and comes down punching with two minutes to go.

Garcia grabs a body triangle. Now bringing his guard up. Kara-France postures out and bombs him with punches. Garcia rolls to his knees and Kara-France takes the back. Both hooks in with a minute to go. Garcia escapes and Kara-France goes back to landing a barrage of ground-and-pound. 10-9 Kara-France.

Round 2: Counter left from Garcia, then another. Kara-France sneaks a right hand around the guard, then wobbles Garcia with a left hook. Another left hook hurts Garcia. Kara-France slings him to the mat and counters a takedown into guard, only for Garcia to lock up a triangle. Kara-France slams Garcia, but has to fight off an armbar, which he somehow escapes into side control. Kara-France goes back to pounding. Garcia goes to his knees. Brutal knee to the body. Kara-France postures up for bigger punches. Garcia brings his legs up again, no dice. Two minutes to go.

Garcia looks for a leg, eats more punches. They could stop this. Kara-France just continues to pound away. Big upkick by Garcia. Brutal punches. Kara-France turns it into overdrive. Garcia grabs a desperate single-leg. One hook in for Kara-France. Now both. 10-8 Kara-France.

Round 3: Kara-France lands a leg kick, gets taken down, sweeps his way to his feet. Jab from Kara-France. One minute in. Low kick. Again. Short elbow from Garcia. Kara-France blasts him with a left hook. He’s throwing heat. 1-2 from Garcia. Kara-France lands a lead right. Another. HUGE uppercut and Garcia goes to his back. Garcia tries to tie up a leg. Kara-France gets out and lets him up. Back to the combination punching. Garcia lands a left. Both land their power hands in the center. Two minutes to go.

Left hook, body shot. Garcia goes for a super low single, Kara-France limp-legs out and starts pounding. Both hooks in. One minute to go. Kara-France slipping off of the back, winds up on the bottom. He stands, tosses a single-leg aside and swats Garcia with hammerfists. He limp-legs out of another and abuses Garcia with ground-and-pound. 10-8 Kara-France.

Final result: Kara-France def. Garcia by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Christos Giagos vs. Mizuto Hirota from Kara-France two minutes in. Back to half guard, firing elbows.

Round 1: Giagos appears to land on his foot wrong on the attack. Seems to be moving alright, though, and lands a body kick. Jab from Hirota. Clean overhand right comes back at him, then another right hand buckles Hirota. Giagos assaulting him with punches a minute in, 2-1 from Hirota, who seems to have his wits back. Giagos hits a surprise takedown against the fence. Two minutes in. Hirota manages to regain guard. Hard punches and elbows from Giagos. Hirota tries to kick him off and gets blasted with a right hand, but makes it to his feet under fire. Two minutes to go.

2-3 from Hirota. Giagos blasts through for a double-leg and Hirota briefly threatens a guillotine. Loses it. Giagos chipping away from guard. Giagos tries a Donkey Kong double hammerfist, eats an upkick and Hirota goes for a leg. He manages to scramble to his feet. Counter knee from Giagos. 10-8 Giagos.

Round 2: Giagos hits another takedown after 40 seconds. Hirota trying to bring his legs high. One minute in. Giagos continuing to stay patient with shots. Two minutes in. Hirota scoots to the fence, Giagos still attached. He hits a single-leg back into guard. Two minutes to go.

Hirota trying to be busy off of his back, but it’s not really working. One minute to go. Hirota gets a bit of space, gets sprawled on. Knee lands for Giagos as Hirota makes it to his feet. Hirota suddenly lands knees, clipped by a right. 10-9 Giagos.

Round 3: Hirota on the offensive early. Left hook counters a Giagos knee. Giagos looks tired. Giagos shoots, takes a couple of elbows, gets swept. Hirota on top in side control. One minute in. Giagos hits a sweep of his own into butterfly guard. Hirota scrambles up, taken down in return. Hirota makes it to a knee on the cage. Giagos shoves him back down. Elbows from Hirota. He makes it to his feet. Two minutes to go.

Knee from Hirota, who sprawls. He lands a left hook denies another takedown. Knees. Hard right hand. Giagos shoots, stiff-armed off. Giagos shoots again. One minute to go. Hirota looks for the back. One hook in. Full mount. Giagos holds on until the bell. 10-9 Hirota.

Final result: Giagos def. Hirota by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Alex Gorgees vs. Damir Ismagulov

Round 1: Both flicking out low kicks. Gorgees tries a slap. Good exchange in the center. Ismagulov goes low-high. Jab to the body, long right cross upstairs a minute in. Gorgees tries a combo, Ismagulove grabs double underhooks and drags him to the mat. Half guard for Ismagulov two minutes in. Gorgees trying to use lockdown guard and hold Ismagulov close. Ismagulov overextends on an elbow, lands a knee as Gorgees stands. Ismagulov runs the pipe for another takedown, then lets Gorgees up. Two minutes to go.

Ismagulov shoots in once again, looking for a single-leg. He switches to a double, eats elbows. They separate with a minute to go. Body kick from Ismagulov and Gorgees sprawls on a shot. Ismagulov lands a lead right. 10-9 Ismagulov.

Round 2: Ismagulov lands early punches, denied on a shot. One minute in. Body kick from Ismagulov, Gorgees claims a low blow but gets taken back down a minute in. Half guard once again. Short punches from the Kazakh. Two minutes in. Body-head. Gorgees complaining to the ref and gets blasted by a right hand for his trouble. Two minutes to go.

Ismagulov staying busy with punches and hammerfists. Now standing over Gorgees with a minute to go, dives back into half guard with a hard right hand. More punches. 10-9 Ismagulov.

Round 3: Ismagulov tries a Showtime kick, then nearly connects with another head kick when Gorgees taunts. Spinning back elbow lands for him, then another easy takedown into guard. He lets Gorgees up, blasts him with a right hand, then threatens a takedown and lands a spinning elbow. Another right hand and clinch. Hip toss attempt. Gorgees separates. Ismagulov hits the Emelianenko Special, the lead right to the outside trip. Patient ground-and-pound from half guard. Two minutes to go.

Ismagulov trying to pin an arm. Elbows from Ismagulov. One minute to go. Bigger elbow from Ismagulov, who stands over Gorgees, fakes letting him up and tries a right hand. Ref lets Gorgees up. Ismagulov lands another right hand, eats a knee on a failed shot. 10-9 Ismagulov, though I could see a 10-8 or two.

Final result: Ismagulov def. Gorgees by unanimous decision

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