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Dana White: We let Sage Northcutt go, he’s young and needs some work

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I guess winning three straight fights and coming off a second-round knockout isn’t going to cut it these days. Especially when guys like Artem Lobov are setting such high standards in UFC.

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Hey, remember when Matt Mitrione blew a gasket because “ridiculous” UFC President Dana White was paying Sage Northcutt $40k/$40k, despite being unproven and just 19 years old? Looks like “Meathead” wasn’t so crazy after all.

That’s because White is now claiming Northcutt was “let go” from the promotion because he’s young and needs some work. “Super” fulfilled his contract and was not re-signed, which is not the same as getting cut, but let’s play along anyway.

“We let Sage go,” White told UFC Unfiltered (via “Sage is young and Sage needs some work. Let him get some work in some other organizations and we will see where this kid ends up in a couple of years. Maybe we will pick him back up again.”

The “needs some work” critique is a bit surprising when you consider that Northcutt (11-2) is the winner of three straight, including last July’s blistering knockout win over Zak Ottow at UFC Boise. That pushed his Octagon record to 6-2 with three finishes.

But one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, which would explain why Northcutt, 22, is hobnobbing with the boys over in ONE Championship, though I have to imagine Scott Coker and his band of merry men are also in the mix.

Either way, Northcutt appears to be doing just fine.