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Midnight Mania! Israel Adesanya to Anderson Silva: ‘I’m better than your clone’

Bringing you that weird and wild from the world of MMA as always ...

Welcome, Midnight Maniacs!

Israel Adesanya dropped some verbal bombs today on Anderson Silva today, revealing that he had initially been reluctant to fight his hero, but now that the fight is booked, he is looking to assume Silva’s mantle of greatness- “I’ll take the torch by force if I have to.”

He also said that he’s been studying Silva his entire career, and claimed he knows Silva better than the Spider knows himself. Silva famously said that his ideal opponent would be a clone of himself. Adesanya is saying he is that clone- but better.

Adesanya, “The Last Stylebender”, is in many ways the spiritual successor to “The Spider”. Silva was for years known as the best striker in mixed martial arts, looking nigh untouchable during his 16-fight unbeaten streak, including 10 title defenses as middleweight champion. Adesanya, 75-5-1 in kickboxing, brings a truly elite track record to mixed martial arts, a record he has backed up by going 4-0 in his first year with the company. His latest win was a highlight-reel KO of Derek Brunson at UFC 230, leaving him one fight from a title shot.

This will most likely be the last opportunity to see these two striking savants in a cage together. Anderson Silva is not who he was at the height of his powers. Does the old Jedi master still have a few last tricks up his sleeve? Or will the young lion be too much for him?


Will this be the scene at UFC 234?

This interview with Jon Jones is truly fascinating, a man who boldly proclaims his innocence in the face of evidence, while touting Lance Armstrong as the example of USADA’s legitimacy. He truly is one of a kind.

Jon Jones and former training partner and foe Rashad Evans traded words on Twitter over the weekend. Jones claims that any theory saying he normally juices, but was clean for the Ovince St. Preux fight makes no sense because he was bigger for that fight than any before it... but being big isn’t what all steroids do. A lot of PEDs, like the ones Lance Armstrong took, help with endurance, which Jones was having some issues with in that bout.

What in the world is going on at Combate Americas?

Daniel Cormier really enjoys sparring day

Sometimes stuff is just impressive

This was by far the funniest part of the weekend. These officials evidently had no idea Tito digs the grave after his wins.

This made most of us kinda sad, even if we knew it was coming.

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Chuck still celebrated like a champion though

This guy was living his best life and so was his human.

Mickey Rourke just looks rough these days.

When a soccer player turns to MMA:

Something’s happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.

There are worse fighting gimics

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He neckotiated a solid contract

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Sadly, Jean Pascal did not succeed this weekend.

Eryk Anders has been doing tape study

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Stay sucka free #okiedoke

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These are fun. A lot of your favorite fighters looked weird as kids

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Can you recognize them all? Via @Southpaw_MMA_

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Frank Shamrock fan art

Curtis Blaydes is going to keep the same energy off a loss as he had on his win streak. He will surely be back.

Michael Bisping told Anderson Silva to get over himself.

He won, but let’s listen in to one last Tito Ortiz clip that makes zero sense:

Kevin Holland also had a great sophomore win at middleweight, his first UFC victory after a fun but losing debut against Thiago Santos.

Louis Smolka had a great win back in the UFC- he knows his motivation.

I didn’t know this. “add oil” is kind of a cool idiom.

There is a lot of fighting happening this weekend.

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

In some Lethwei rulesets, they don’t end a fight at a knockout. Sometimes they give a fighter a two-minute timeout. It sounds like a great recipe for secondary concussions, but Lethwei is crazy like that.

The smile beforehand

Kevin Holland is the fun action fighter middleweight needs

Houston’s own Alex Morono is doing our local scene proud

When Overeem was UBEREEM

Great combination

One of my favorite knockouts

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