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Mike Perry and Mickey Gall agree: Let’s fight next

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Denver-Cerrone vs Perry Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC loves it when fighters call each other out. We imagine it makes their job of matchmaking over 600 fighters much easier, plus there’s all that cooked in beef that comes with whatever ‘yo momma’ jokes get thrown down with the gauntlet. So they must be loving this back and forth between “Platinum” Mike Perry and CM Punk killer Mickey Gall.

Perry is fresh off a submission defeat at the hands of Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, but that didn’t stop him from saying he’d take on another aggressive ground fighter in Mickey Gall, who has won all five of his MMA fights via rear naked choke.

”[Cerrone] was in the gym with Gracie Barra drilling in the gi, grappling all the time,” he said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show. “He was with Mickey Gall too, let’s fight that motherf**ker. I’ll fight Mickey Gall. F**k Mickey Gall. I’m gonna get into the gym, go grapple, and I’m gonna crush everybody from here on out.”

That was last week, and after a nice relaxing Thanksgiving, Gall has finally responded on Instagram.

”F**k Mike Perry,” Gall said. “I heard him call me out on Ariel [Helwani]’s show. Says he wants to fight. Aight, motherf**ker, careful what you wish for. Let’s fight. Let’s fight January 19th in Brooklyn on that first ESPN UFC card.”

”They actually offered that fight to your boy Diego,” Gall continued. “He said no because he doesn’t want to fight until March. Well, in the spirit of Thanksgiving I’m going to smoke two turkeys. I’ll beat up Mike Perry on January 19th in Brooklyn on ESPN and then I’ll go and beat up Diego in March. Gobble gobble, bitches.”

So Perry wants it. Gall wants it. The only thing that stands in the way now is Perry’s arm, which wasn’t broken in the “Cowboy” fight but still sounds jacked up. “Platinum” was a bit evasive when talking about the injury, comparing it to a partial ACL tear in the knee but for the arm. So who knows what that means. In a follow up tweet after Gall’s video came out, Perry promised he’d figure things out soon.

”I’ll be back grappling this week,” he wrote. “I’ll know more about my arm like when I can beat up Mickey Gall.”

What do you think, Maniacs? Interested in this matchup?

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