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Watch: Officials goof up Tito Ortiz’ post-fight gravedigger celebration

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Tito Ortiz took his revenge on Chuck Liddell Saturday night in California, knocking out “The Iceman” in the first round of their third fight. You can watch the end of that bout here, but now we’re gonna talk about something a bit weird that happened afterward.

With it being Golden Boy’s first foray into MMA, there was more than a few unintentionally hilarious moments spread out across their pay-per-view. Our favorite of the night here at MMA Mania has to be officials in the cage freaking out during Tito Ortiz’s ‘gravedigger’ victory routine.

You know the one. He’s been doing it for over a decade - pretending to dig up a grave, dragging the body of his defeated opponent into it, and then covering it with dirt. It’s a bit classless, but generally harmless. But in the post-Khabib atmosphere, security is on elevated alert. It seems like commission security thought Ortiz was doing something that needed stopping.

Watch the bizarre result here:

We’ve noticed that these glorified ushers often get way too wrapped up in their oh so important duties. Sure, they keep the riff raff out of the cage. They try to make sure fighters don’t brawl after a fight. But they usually justify their paychecks by insisting winners stop celebrating up on the cage, or by almost getting kicked by fighters doing backflips.

When’s the last time they managed to stop a riot? They can’t even keep hats from getting stolen.

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