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Jon Jones puts Chuck Liddell fight talk to rest following legend’s loss

MMA is full of pointless feuds. You know the type: endless trash talk going back and forth between two fighters who will never in a million years actually step into the cage against each other. Sometimes it’s guys in different organizations. Other times it’s different weight classes. And sometimes, like with the Jon Jones vs. Chuck Liddell feud, it’s just plain silly.

If you wanted to be polite you could call it a generational issue. Chuck is 48 and definitely over the hill based on what we witnessed from his 1st round KO loss to Tito Ortiz on Saturday night. Jones is just 31 and continues to dominate his division on the rare occasion he isn’t suspended from competition. That hasn’t stopped the two from going back and forth about trading fists over the years.

Chuck has been strangely persistent in his call outs of Jones, and with nothing better to do, of course Jon responded. He even offered to fly “The Iceman” out to New Mexico for a closed door throwdown. But after witnessing Chuck’s poor performance against Tito Ortiz at Saturday’s Golden Boy MMA event, it sounds like “Bones” is done discussing Liddell.

Jones also took the time to respond to Golden Boy MMA commentator and his first UFC nemesis Rashad Evans, who made it clear he thought Jones was on steroids for all his fights other than a bout with Ovince Saint-Preux where Jon under-performed.

Jones will have another chance to prove he can make it through a fight without testing positive for something when he faces Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 on December 29th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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