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Oops! Muay Thai fighter knocks out his opponent and the ref with one combo

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Combat sports are dangerous, even for the third man in the ring or cage with the combatants. If you needed a reminder of that, take a look at this crazy moment from a Max Muay Thai event in Thailand where Gou Dakui not only knocked down his opponent with a right hook but the referee with a headkick moments later.

No, this wasn’t some out of control act of anger ... just the result of Dakui being slightly off with his finishing maneuver. Fortunately for him, he didn’t need the follow up kick to end the fight with Super X Sitsontidech, who was already in the process of falling over when the ref stepped in and inadvertently ate the shot to the face. Both men went down and Dakui retreated to a corner to wait and see if the errant blow was going to cost him the win.

After a few minutes of confusion, a new ref arrived to wave off the fight as Super x Sitsontidech was unable to continue. The incident with the original ref was deemed an accident, and Gou Dakui awarded the win. His muay thai record improves to 21-9, while Super X drops to 60-32-2. We have no idea what the ref’s win/loss record is but imagine this may be his first KO loss.