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Midnight Mania! Israel Adesanya has Dana White ‘sold’ on his future plans

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Israel Adesanya had a face-to-face meeting with Dana White and, while they shared the same idea for Adesanya’s next opponent, ‘The Last Stylebender’ had a different plan of action- and he was able to convince Dana that his plan was better. Via

“When I sit in front of someone, you can feel me, you can really understand what I’m saying, you can feel my passion,” Adesanya said. “So, it’s different than doing it over the phone. Yeah, he’s on board with my plan now and he likes it. I sold him the idea. You guys wait till everything comes to fruition. If the other guy says yes – I should say when he says yes – I don’t know, but I feel like when he says yes, it’s gonna be historic, it’s gonna be something that you guys are gonna buzz over it. And then later on, what I have planned after that, that’s gonna be sick as well. So yeah, in due time everything will unfold.”

He wouldn’t give away the details, but it should come to fruition soon. Adesanya is putting a planned European vacation on hold to keep training for the bout.

“We’ll see,” Adesanya said. “I mean, there’s also the ESPN card coming up, there’s also the end of the year card coming up. You see, I’m still training, I don’t f*ck around.”

“I just had to pull back a bit and realize like, look, you’re only here for a short time,” Adesanya said. “And I had a dream that kind of changed my mind on this fight and this plan. So yeah, I’m gonna put the Europe trip on the backburner. I’m still gonna go to my friend’s wedding and I’m just gonna put the whole Europe trip on the backburner until after the fight. Then I’m gonna do that.”

Currently 4-0 in the UFC after just a year in the company, and ranked 6th in the middleweight division, coming off a first-round knockout over Derek Brunson, the former world-class kickboxer is primed for a title shot with another win. If he continues on his current trajectory, he could become a superstar with global appeal.


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Who plans on buying Liddell vs. Ortiz 3?

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