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Midnight Mania! Watch De La Hoya’s comedically abysmal Liddell-Ortiz press conference performance

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

It is easy to criticize fight promoters. They tend to exaggerate and stretch the truth in the name of hyping an upcoming bout. UFC president Dana White is often guilty of this, as well as vocally criticizing his own fighters at times, and he is wide open for criticism more related to the UFC’s decisions as a company. However, when it comes to the core function of promoting fights, White is at least competent. In fact, it is rare to see a performance as bad as the one Oscar De La Hoya turned in for Saturday’s event headlined by Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz, Golden Boy 1.

There are so many ways to skewer Oscar De La Hoya for clearly not caring at all about the fight he is promoting between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, but it really was a performance worthy of Steve Carell.

Chuck Liddell defended the performance, particularly de la Hoya’s incorrect pronunciation of his name. Via

“Someone said he had it corrected. I thought he did, otherwise, I would’ve warned him before (the press conference), reminded him,” he said. “People give him a hard time, but I’ve had my name misspelled a lot of times — the UFC still misspells my name sometimes. It is what it is. He’s trying. It’s good. It’s okay.”

“He’s doing his best. He’s out here working. There’s a lot of fights on the card, and it’s certainly new to him,” Liddell told the Mac Life. “By the time someone makes it onto that stage in the UFC, they’ve been fighting for a long time in the same organization, so you should know their names, right? This is the first time. You can’t get mad at him too much.

“I’m hoping it will bring over some of those boxing fans. Boxing guys will hopefully try this out because Oscar is promoting,” he said.

Tito Ortiz is on record saying that unless he and Chuck can move 200,000 Pay-Per-View (PPV) buys, then they shouldn’t be in the business. He will find out whether that is the case this weekend.


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