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UFC Beijing results: Blaydes vs Ngannou 2 live stream play-by-play updates

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) makes its return to Fight Pass this Saturday morning (Nov. 24, 2018) with the UFC Fight Night 141 mixed martial arts (MMA) event inside Cadillac Arena in Beijing, China, with all 12 bouts airing on the promotion's subscription-only digital network. Headlining the overseas fight card is the heavyweight showdown between top contender Curtis Blaydes and former title challenger Francis Ngannou, with the latter holding a technical knockout victory over “Razor” — by way of cut — when they first went to war at UFC Fight Night 86 in Zagreb, Croatia, back in early 2016. In the 265-pound co-main event, former Strikeforce and DREAM heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem tries to get back to his winning ways against undefeated newcomer Sergey Pavlovich. In addition, longtime veterans Jessica Aguilar and Luis Smolka return to action on the UFC Fight Night 141 “Prelims” portion of the Fight Pass card. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 141 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass “Prelims” undercard bout at 3 a.m. ET, followed by the main card start time at 6:30 a.m. ET, also on Fight Pass.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Blaydes vs. Ngannou 2.”

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 141 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Curtis Blaydes vs. Francis Ngannou -- Ngannou def. Blaydes via TKO (strikes) at 0:44 of Rd 1
Alistair Overeem vs. Sergey Pavlovich — Overeem def. Pavlovich via TKO (strikes) at 4:21 of Rd 1
Vince Morales vs. Song Yadong — Yadong def. Morales via decision (Unan) 30-27 x3
Li Jingliang vs. David Zawada — Jingliang def. Zawada via TKO (Strikes) at 4:07 of Rd 3
Alex Morono vs. Kenan Song — Morono def. Song via decision (Unan) 30-27 x3
Lauren Mueller vs. Wu Yanan — Yanan def. Mueller via sub (Armbar) at 4:00 of Rd 1
Rashad Coulter vs. Hu Yaozong — Coulter def. Yaozong via decision (Split) 30-27, 29-28 x2
Jessica Aguilar vs. Weili Zhang — Zhang def. Aguilar via sub (Armbar) at 3:41 of Rd 1
Martin Day vs. Liu Pingyuan — Pingyuan def. Day via decision (Split) 29-28 x2, 28-29
Syuri Kondo vs. Yan Xiaonan — Xiaonan def. Kondo via decision (Unan) 30-27 x3
Kevin Holland vs. John Phillips — Holland def. Phillips via sub (RNC) at 4:05 of Rd 3
Louis Smolka vs. Sumudaerji — Smolka def. Sumudaerji via sub (Armbar) at 2:07 of Rd 2


265 lbs.: Curtis Blaydes vs. Francis Ngannou

Round 1: Ngannou in black, Blaydes in gray, Goddard the ref. Francis comes out orthodox and almost immediately blasts him with a big right hand. Curtis is down and struggling. He's absorbing shots well, but blocking punches with your head isn't gonna last. He's back down and the ref stops it!

Final result: Francis Ngannou defeats Curtis Blaydes via TKO (punches) at 0:44 of round 1

265 lbs.: Alistair Overeem vs. Sergei Pavlovich

Round 1: ‘Reem in gray, Pavlovich in black, the ref is Sharp. Slow start for the big men. Pavlovich lands a left. Overeem pushes forward into a clinch and he backs the Russian into the fence. Pavlovich reverses. Reem gets a knee and re-reverses. They’re working back and forth. Finally Pavlovich gets some room and breaks away with a left hand. Right hand into a trip for Overeem. Reem standing over Pavlovich who has the feet on the waist, trying to create space. Reem punches into the gut and then flows down into the guard for a couple of strikes. He stands up to posture and land some right hands. He sinks back down past the left leg and is landing those rights flush now. Pavlovich is covering up and the “Demolition Man” is smashing now to a man that’s not defending. Seven wrecking balls later, Sharp jumps in and the fight is over.

Round 2:

Round 3:

Final result: Alistair Overeem defeats Sergei Pavlovich via TKO (punches) at 4:21 of Round 1

135 lbs.: Vince Morales vs. Song Yadong

Round 1: Morales in black, Yadong in red, Goddard the ref. Slow start, and Yadong lands the first strike with a right to the dome. Morales gets it back a few seconds later. Yadong goes for a spinning back kick to the liver. Morales with a pair of low kicks. Yadong goes for a flying knee, but doesn’t get it clean. A bit of an old-school flavor to the coaches this event, as it turns out that Tony Fryklund is in the corner of Morales and we had Travis Lutter coaching earlier. Yadong lances in a right. Yadong appears to hear the 10-second clapper and explodes with activity in an attempt to make sure he gets the round.

10-9 Yadong

Round 2: Yadong with a right hand. Morales lands one of his own. Both men throwing combos, not much landing clean. Morales gets in a good rising hook. Body kick from Yadong to the liver side. Spinning backfist. Morales flurries, but nothing seems to land accurately. Yadong pokes in a right hand, as does Morales as he counters a low kick. Counter right from Yadong is partially blocked. They both plant and throw and it looks like Yadong won that.

10-9 Yadong

Round 3: Morales hits a left hand. Yadong goes for a flashy combo, but can’t land it. Great duck under from Yadong into a double leg and gets Morales down. He’s on top in half, now full guard. Occasional strike from Yadong as he works for better position. Gets back to half. Yadong tries to step over into mount and Morales manages to create space and get up. They’re clinched up against the fence now. Body knee from Yadong. Another one. Nice level change from Yadong to get a single leg. He’s on top and in full guard. Morales gets in butterfly hooks and works to get a scramble. Morales goes for a leg, but Yadong defends. Morales is able to kick Yadong back and get to his feet. Morales swinging now, trying to get back this round. Nice right hands from both men, but Morales definitely got some points back on that. Yadong looks tired, but Morales just isn’t able to get enough power on anything to face the young Chinese phenom.

10-9 Yadong

Final result: Song Yadong defeats Vince Morales by decision (unanimous) 30-27 x3

170 lbs.: Li Jingliang vs. David Zawada

Round 1: Jingliang in red, Zawada in black. The ref is Hickmott. Both men miss lefts early. There’s a big counter right from Zawada that plants Jingliang. David is unable to take advantage as Li doesn’t eat anything and gets to his feet. They’re in a clinch and Jingliang lands a nice trip. He’s on top and landing left hands. Zawada gets to his feet eventually and we’re about halfway through the round. Zawada lands the 2 in a 3-2 and that backs up Jingliang. Jingliang is backed to the fence and utilizing head movement to avoid the looping strikes of the German. Zawada gets in a knee then shoots and Jingliang spins away from it. They’re back in center octagon now. Zawada gets in a knee.

10-9 Zawada

Round 2: They touch gloves. Jingliang ducks under a shovel hook, but can’t complete the takedown as Zawada shoots his hips back well. Neither man landing clean for a bit here. Good outside low kick from the “Leech”. Another period of both men missing ended by a low kick, this time from Zawada. He gets in a jab, too. And a right off a caught leg kick. Zawada evades a clinch and gets in a good body knee. Right hand from Jingliang. Another. There’s a third. A pair of lefts. The horn sounds and Jingliang keeps swinging until the ref gets in between them.

10-9 Jingliang

Round 3: Hardy defending the shots after the bell, but he’s not exactly wrong. Leg kick lands for the Chinese man. Another one. Jingliang swings in and now Zawada is looking like he may want a takedown. Pardon the pun, but Jingliang is leeching the confidence out of Zawada here. Both men have been firing shots in combinations, but Jingliang has been the only one to land any clean shots. Halfway through this round. Chopping low kick from Li. Zawada finally gets a good takedown attempt, but Jingliang defends well and Zawada bails, firing out a right hand on the break. Another good right on the end of a combination by Hardy defending the shots after the bell, but he’s not exactly wrong. Leg kick lands for the Chinese man. Another one. Jingliang swings in and now Zawada is looking like he may want a takedown. Pardon the pun, but Jingliang is leeching the confidence out of Zawada here. Both men have been firing shots in combinations, but Jingliang has been the only one to land any clean shots. Halfway through this round. Chopping low kick from Li. Zawada finally gets a good takedown attempt, but Jingliang defends well and Zawada bails, firing out a right hand on the break. Big side kick hurts Zawada that crumples Zawada! A few perfunctory left hands later and the ref stops it!

Final result: Li Jiangling defeats David Zawada via TKO (strikes) at 4:07 of Round 3

170 lbs.: Alex Morono vs. Kenan Song

Round 1: Song in red, Morono in gray and the third man in the cage is Goddard. We open up with a missed leg kick by “Great White” Morono. Not much action 40 seconds in. There’s a nice right from Song. One from Morono a little later. Song surges forward but gets clipped and stumbles back. Morono was backpedaling at the time and couldn’t take advantage, however. They clinch and Morono gets in a decent elbow. Song with a bloody nose early. Morono throwing big winging shots, and is landing a fair amount of them. Song lands a spinning back kick. Overhand from Morono. Short left for Song. Morono with a teep that pushes Song out of the pocket. Song pushes forward with lefts.

10-9 Morono

Round 2: Morono with another solid low leg kick. There’s a spinning backfist that actually lands for the American. Slow paced round as there’s no big action until about 1:45 through as Song flurries like a madman. We slow down again Song gets a body kick in. Not much being done here other than short, single shots. Song gets in an elbow and a right hand directly on the chin.

10-9 Song in a very close round

Round 3: Knee from the American to open the round. Song punching forward. Gets in some strikes, but Morono works and gets a takedown. Song grabs the fence, which illicits a warning. Song manages to get up (not aided by the fence). They’re back up. Both men land hooks. Morono with another takedown attempt that just seems to frustrate Song. Song does fight it off, but he looks tired now. Morono with a 3-2. Counter left by Song. Misses a high kick. They trade spinning backfists and Morono eats an awful eye poke in the chaos. We’re back with 30 seconds to go. They’re both swinging hard to try and get an exclamation point on the fight.

10-9 Morono

Final result: Alex Morono defeats Kenan Song via decision (unanimous) 30-27 x3

125 lbs.: Lauren Mueller vs. Wu Yanan

Round 1: Mueller in black, Yanan in red. Our ref is Mr. Sharp again. Mueller cracks Yanan early as she seems she’s decided to work well on the front foot. 4-piece combo from Mueller and the third strike as a big right that landed square. Yanan with a spinning backfist, but as Mueller was walking forward at the time, it went past the target and Yanan gave up the clinch. The two work back and forth on the cage. Yanan reverses off the links but gives up both underhooks. Yanan holding her hips back well and keeping Mueller back. Finally they break and both of them land lefts. Mueller plows forward, but Yanan manages distance well and gets in a good counter left as Mueller’s strikes hit air. Mueller with a nice left hand that catches Yanan off-balance and sends her to the canvas. Mueller follows her to the canvas and straight into the full guard. Yanan immediately shoots her left leg up and over into an armbar attempt that elicits a tap from the huge favorite!

Final result: Wu Yanan def. Lauren Mueller via submission (armbar) at 4:00 of Round 1

265 lbs.: Rashad Coulter vs. Hu Yaozong

Round 1: Yaozong in gray, Coulter in black, Fan our ref. Yaozong with a spinning back kick to the body. Couple of leg kicks as well. Yaozong punches into a clinch and gets in one underhook. Coulter with a good pair of knees to the body. Yaozong with one of his own. He breaks away and Coulter starts to get a little aggressive. Yaozong with a punch to the gut. Yaozong backs him up again this time. Yaozong lands a knee, Coulter responds with an uppercut. Coulter throws three power shots in a row on the break and gets in a couple of them. Coulter punching hard now and there’s a huge right that knocks down Yaozong. Coulter looking for the finish, but he can’t get it and Yaozong is back up, but wobbly. Yaozong is not on fresh legs and eats another big right. Coulter landing often now. Another big right hand from the American, but Yaozong is still there. Yaozong fires back and backs Coulter off. Coulter now with his back to the fence and Yaozong is catching a breather just holding onto him. Both men look fine with just taking a rest. Yaozong tries for a takedown eventually, but Coulter evades it and lands a big knee as the Chinese fighter rises. Another big strike from Rashad as they cool down with the round ending.

10-9 Coulter

Round 2: Slower pace to start now. Yaozong gets in a right and charges forward into the clinch against the fence. Yaozong with some mean foot stomps that annoys Coulter. Couple of right hands, too. Big elbow from Coulter up against the fence. Yaozong lets go and lands a nice elbow. Coulter with a 1-2. Coulter with some poor footwork putting his back to the fence. Three nice jabs does back Yaozong off however. A fourth actually wobble Yaozong for a moment. Good low kicks from Yaozong. Coulter slowly presses forward through the repeated leg kicks to land power jabs. Coulter switches his stance to avoid the powerful leg kick that has been pounding his lead calf. Nice 1-2 from Yaozong. He keeps punching forward as Coulter backs up. Yaozong with a knee.

10-9 Coulter in a very close round

Round 3: Yaozong with a nice start, getting in some leg kicks and body shots. He backs Coulter up to the fence. Coulter with an uppercut, Yaozong lands an elbow, but a right from Coulter backs Yaozong off. They’re back to center cage when Coulter inexplicably stars moving back. Yaozong kicks him in the cup, but the ref misses it. Good elbows from both men. Yaozong with nice uppercuts. Coulter gets it to center cage and punches Yaozong back. They’re standing and wanging a bit now. Coulter looking decent here, but it’s pretty close as the fight draws to an end. They trade and throw as the horn sounds.

10-9 Coulter in another close one

Final result: Rashad Coulter defeats Hu Yaozong via decision (unanimous) 30-27, 29-28 x2

115 lbs.: Jessica Aguilar vs. Weili Zhang

Round 1: JAG in black (and white rashguard), Zhang in red, Hickmott our ref. Aguilar goes for a takedown early. Zhang defends very well and after about a minute of clinch work, she gets her own trip and is in side control. Aguilar is bleeding near her left temple. Elbows from Zhang. She’s striking well from top with elbows and backfists. Zhang grinding her elbow and forearm into that cut. Halfway through the round and it’s been a dominant bit of top game from the Chinese woman. Great GNP and she goes to mount. Aguilar uses it to roll out, but she goes directly into a triangle. This is reminiscent of Anderson Silva smashing Travis Lutter as she’s smashing JAG with elbows in that triangle attempt. Zhang switches to an armbar and gets the tap! Wow, that was a hell of a win for what is her 18th win in a row now.

Final result: Weili Zhang defeats Jessica Aguilar via submission (armbar) at 3:41 of Round 1

135 lbs.: Martin Day vs. Liu Pingyuan

Round 1: Pingyuan in red, Day in black and the third man in the cage is Marc Goddard. Day with an immediate kick to the body that stumbles Pingyuan. Pingyuan catches a right-leg kick and fires off two nice right hands. Pingyuan working on a single-leg, but Day fighting it off well and eventually limp-legs out. Day with a counter right. Pingyuan catches another kick, but can’t get a strike off. They stumble into a clinch. Pingyuan latches onto a neck and has a really nice guillotine. Day stacks it well and manages to get enough wiggle room that Pingyuan bails on it. Nice right from Pingyuan. Spinning back kick lands for Day, the 4th-degree taekwondo black belt. Day sprawls well onto a long shot from Pingyuan. Day trying a D’arce choke that doesn’t get in tight, but he uses it to stand. 360 kick from Day glances onto Pingyuan’s arms.

10-10 draw round

Round 2: Day gets in a body kick but eats a straight right for his troubles. Pingyuan in on a single, but Day shows off his great balance and gets in a bunch of elbows. He gets in a trip and Day’s on top. Pingyuan rolls for a leg, Day avoids it and gets in some ground shots before he backs off and let’s the Chinese scrapper back up. Solid lead uppercut for Pingyuan. Pingyuan looks like he’s slowing down a little now. Jump knee from Day. Superman punch and retreats from the return fire. Liver shot and Pingyuan returns fire. Spinning backfist from Pingyuan. Pingyuan gets a body kick caught and instead of waiting for Day to punch him, he just pulls guard. Day with some elbows down and stands. Day flowing well here. Nice right hand gets in. Day’s been doing good body work this whole fight and it’s starting to pay off here as Pingyuan is backing up and slowing down. Right hand stumbles and drops Pingyuan

10-9 Day

Round 3: Pingyuan appears to be suffering from a hand injury. Day gets in a good left. Pingyuan catches a kick and lands perfect counter right that drops Day. Pingyuan jumps on a guillotine, but Day manages to roll out of it. Day with a D’arce choke, but is unable to finish it. Pingyuan gets out and now he’s got the back of the American! Day handfighting well so far. They’re just chilling here with Day inside a body triangle. Day punching from the bottom as the round comes to a close.

10-9 Pingyuan

Final result: Liu Pingyuan defeats Martin Day via decision (split) 29-28 x2, 28-29

115 lbs.: Syuri Kondo vs. Yan Xiaonan

Round 1: Xiaonan in red, Kondo in black, John Sharp the ref. Xiaonan starting out aggressive and lands in a nice mix of kicks and punches. Low kick and a nice right from Xiaonan. Kondo returns fire, but definitely had the bad end of that exchange. Kondo with a good leg kick. More exchanges from both fighters. Xiaonan with a stomping straight kick into a lead-hand hook. Loud chants for Xiaonan from the crowd. Xiaonan outlanding Kondo at least four to one here, I’d love to see the stats, if the booth would be so kind. Fast right hand for Xiaonan. The Chinese fighter tries a spinning backfist, but Kondo gets away from it. Kondo still pressing forward, but mostly just walking into strikes. Xiaonan tries a couple more spinning attacks as the round slowly comes to an end.

10-9 Xiaonan

Round 2: Not much landing in the first minute, despite both fighters trying their same strategy - Kondo walking in and throwing single shots, Xiaonan throwing volume and running out a spinning backfist for variety’s sake. A clinch changes the tempo briefly and Kondo gets in a knee to the gut. They break after that. Xiaonan keeps trying that spinning backfist with no setup. Kondo eating shots, but now she tries and succeeds with a spinning backfist of her own, which gets her into another clinch. Another nice clinch knee as they break for Kondo. She’s still eating combos at distance. More spinning shit from both women. Good left from Xiaonan. Kondo with a right as she eats a body kick. The... fifth? spinning backfist attempt of the round from Xiaonan. Sixth.

10-9 Xiaonan

Round 3: “Xiaonan” chants from the crowd again. Low kick from the Japanese fighter is answered with a straight right by Xiaonan. Second spinning backfist attempt of the round gets in clean. Third does not. Finally Dan Hardy spits out the unofficial striking stats and it’s 99-52 in favor of Xiaonan. That’s barely half the correct number, in my opinion. The same thing is playing out again this round as has the past ten minutes - Kondo is walking forward, trying to get in a good shot here and there, but mostly just walking into a buzzsaw. I almost feel bad for continuously pointing this out, but yet another spinning backfist from Xiaonan with no setup, and is thus ineffectual. Yet again. Kondo gets a clinch, but Xiaonan gets out of danger without any damage. Side kick to the face from Xiaonan. Nice right hand from Xiaonan as well. Xiaonan spamming those same, dumb spinning backfists again - four in a row to close out the fight.

10-9 Xiaonan

Final result: Yan Xiaonan defeats Syuri Kondo via decision (unanimous) 30-27 x3

185 lbs.: Kevin Holland vs. John Phillips

Round 1: Crowd shots during the entrances show a half-filled arena for these prelims so far. Holland in light gray, Phillips in black and our ref is Peter Hickmott. Holland opens up with a pair of side kicks. Holland circling and staying on the outside. Phillips trying to get inside, but not cutting him off well. Left hook from Phillips. Phillips kicks the legs out from underneath Holland but just backs off and lets him up. Holland with a front kick to the chin. Another to the body hurts Phillips. Phillips is backing up now and backs into the cage. Holland is teeing off on Phillips now with his huge length. Long kicks and straight punches on the shelling up Phillips. Phillips is holding up fairly well from the onslaught and trying to catch Holland on a counter, but Holland is using his length well and staying away from the returns.

Holland finally backs off and they’re back to center. They clinch and the Texan gets in some very nice knees on Phillips. A kick to Phillips’ pills gives us a break in the action as the Welshman recovers. Good shot from Phillips after they resume has Holland stumbling back momentarily, but he gets his feet and seems fine. Flying knee from Holland plants Phillips on his butt in the closing seconds.

10-8 Holland.

Round 2: Holland still circling and using long, straight kicks and punches. Huge hook from Phillips as he backs Holland up finally. Good chin from Holland so far. Holland with some really good defense, avoiding most of the very heavy fire from Phillips. Holland seems mostly none the worse for the wear and Phillips is slowing down. They’re back to center cage and Phillips is just standing for a moment. Holland with nice jabs and those long kicks again. Solid, long-range punching from the American. Phillips lands a big right as he comes in, but again, Holland recovers as we’re left with 90 sceonds to go. Holland starting to bleed from one of those haymakers. Finally they clinch. Knees and an elbow from Holland on the break. Phillips makes to look like a front kick to the guy hits low, but the ref correctly calls it to the stomach.

10-9 Phillips

Round 3: Holland backs up and manages to change levels, catching Phillips coming in. He’s on top throwing a series of lefts. Holland with about 20 shots to the chin as Phillips tries to stand. He does, but gets taken down again almost immediately. Right hands landing without a lot of power, but a ton of frequency. He manages to get the back and a hook. Phillips fighting hands well, but Holland sneaking his arms free. He gets the RNC for a moment, but there’s enough room for Phillips to roll through. He’s on top for a split second before Holland abandons the choke attempt and powers through a takedown. He’s on top in mount and striking down. Phillips brute forces his way up, and is trying some GNP now. Holland with a triangle attempt, but Phillips gets out of it quickly. They keep scrambling and Phillips snatches up the rear naked with about a minute left and gets the tap.

Final result: Kevin Holland defeats John Phillips via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:05 of Round 3

125 lbs.: Louis Smolka vs. Sumudaerji

Round 1: Good morning, everyone. We’ve got a long night in front of us and we’re starting it off with Smolka in black, and Sumudaerji in red. Thomas Fan is the ref. One second in and Smolka shoots for a takedown. Sumudaerji stuffs it, but is backed up against the cage. Sumudaerji working to get the underhooks out from under his arms. Smolka with a knee, but Sumudaerji breaks away with an elbow. They stand for about ten seconds before Smolka gets in on a leg again. Sumudaerji is defending decently. Finally about a hundred seconds into the round, Smolka gets the takedown. Sumudaerji working a nice, active guard with his long limbs. He creates a scramble and manages to get Smolka way down his legs. Smolka manages to stay on top and starts to get in some ground and pound. Nice elbow from the bottom from Sumudaerji. Sumudaerji still trying to get out and suddenly, Smolka gets his back and he’s looking for a rear-naked choke. Smolka floats over as Sumudaerji rolls out of the choke. He’s in mount and throwing down a flurry of punches and elbows as he maintains mount. Back mount and tons of punches as the round ends.

10-9 Smolka

Round 2: Smolka decides to stand for a little longer, but a big hook checks his chin and he decides he’s had enough of the standing game. Smolka on top 50 seconds in. Sumudaerji scrambles and gets a leg briefly. Triangle attempt from Sumudaerji. Now Sumudaerji is on top briefly, but is unable to get away and up. Smolka has no desire to stay on the bottom and immediately starts his own scramble. He latches onto an arm and is fighting for the armbar... and gets the tap!

Final result: Luis Smolka defeats Sumudaerji via submission (armbar) at 2:07 of Round 2

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