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Ben Askren will be Dana White’s new favorite fighter, he just doesn’t know it yet

Sixth Annual Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There was a time when Dana White was adamant Ben Askren would never get the chance to show off his skills inside the world-famous Octagon. But despite their very-public disdain toward one another, White and Askren will be working together for the foreseeable future following this blockbuster trade.

According to former UFC Middleweight title contender Chael Sonnen, White will soon realize that “Funky” is just the type of fighter he needs, and will replace Conor McGregor as his favorite person on his roster.

“The ultimate irony, when this whole thing gets worked out between Dana and Ben Askren, is Ben Askren is going to become Dana’s favorite fighter, favorite guy that he has under contract. That’s the part Dana White doesn’t know,” said Chael on a recent edition of his podcast (via Bloody Elbow).

White has often stated he appreciated when fighters were willing to step up on short notice or take a replacement fight with little-to-no resistance. If not, then you can see yourself out the door.

Askren, says “American Gangster” is the perfect example of that, as he won’t turn down any fight given to him.

“Ben Askren will fight anybody, at any weight, any time, no argument. He’s a true competitor, and that used to be a normal mindset. That used to be what Dana got to deal with. Now every time Dana has an idea and wants to do a fight, everybody comes in pushing back,” he said.

“The fighters push back. The media pushes back. The managers push back. You’ve got to have meetings, you’ve got to have sit-downs, you’ve got to have phone calls. It’s so hard to get any work done.”

Dana knows all about the resistance.

Askren has already taken it upon himself to call out the entire Welterweight division. And given his immaculate record thus far (18-0) it isn’t too far-fetched to believe the powerhouse wrestler can live up to his words of dominating the best of the best.

Up first for the former Bellator champion is a showdown against Robbie Lawler, which is expected to go down at UFC 233 on Jan. 26, 2019 in Anaheim, California.

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