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Video: UFC unveils ‘game changing’ Performance Institute in Shanghai, China

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Ever want to go to Disney Shanghai, but you’re too ingrained in the bro-culture to have fun for a day? Well I have great news for you, Manny Machismo, as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is giving you and your manly beard an excuse to be in the area, courtesy of the promotion's new Performance Institute.

The announcement comes just days before the UFC Beijing event on Fight Pass and represents a major commitment to the Asian market. In addition to training, the 93,000 square-foot facility will provide housing, dietary needs, and serve as the promotion's headquarters in China.

And of course, no Performance Institute would be complete without an Octagon and production facilities, much like its counterpart in Las Vegas, so that UFC can host live events and film shoulder programming.

“I could not be more excited about the UFC Performance Institute opening in Shanghai,” said UFC President Dana White. “We know there is a ton of talent throughout Asia and now we will be able to find them and offer them all the incredible training, nutrition, and physical therapy that UFC fighters are getting in the Performance Institute at our headquarters in Las Vegas, right there in China. This is another game changer for the sport, UFC, and potential athletes throughout Asia.”

Additional details regarding UFC Performance Institute Shanghai will be announced in coming months, according to the press release.

As for Disney Shanghai, yes I've been there and yes it’s amazing. Ride the TRON coaster at night and be sure to hit the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, both are unlike anything in California or Florida and worth riding multiple times.

Come at me.

Skip to 1:45 for the actual ride.