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UFC 230: Daniel Cormier challenges Chris Weidman to $1000 ‘King of Madden’ tournament

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, just said he would rather beat fellow UFC 230 combatant Chris Weidman at Madden NFL ‘19 than kiss Jennifer Lopez, which sounds like the kind of male bravado that goes over well with the bro club but in reality, is a steaming pile of horseshit.

Please look at these Latin lips and tell me I’m wrong:

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If “DC” is a man of his word, then he’s going to meet Weidman in his hotel room after the UFC 230 weigh ins and lay down $1000 for every touchdown “All American” can score during their gridiron showdown. No doubt the cameras will be on hand to capture the thrill of victory.

Or the agony of defeat.

I do find it amusing that Cormier and Weidman are playing Madden NFL ‘19 and not EA Sports UFC 3, but both are properties of Electronic Arts, so I guess it’s all in the family.

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