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Disturbing video: Cynthia Calvillo misses weight, nearly falls off scale at UFC Argentina

Quick! Someone get her an IV! Oh wait...

When I first heard that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) strawweight, Cynthia Calvillo, clocked in at 118 pounds for her 115-pound showdown opposite Poliana Botelho, I thought to myself, “Wow, she didn't even try.”

Then I watched the video embedded above and it’s clear she tried ... something.

Calvillo (6-1) is clearly not okay as she wobbles and hobbles off stage, evidenced by the pained look on her face, but hey, she didn’t die, so by tomorrow no one will give a shit and the current weight-cutting climate will continue on, uncontested.

I remember as a kid, I used to get poison ivy pretty badly, to the point where I looked like Verne Troyer in a Frankenstein mask, and I would constantly ask my mom when science was going to develop a cure for that horrible skin rash.

Her response? “When someone important gets it.”

That’s kind of where we’re at with weight cutting, Sure, people have died from it, but that was overseas and nobody in a stateside position of power cares about living dead flyweights or teenage corpses from the land “Down Under.”

As of this writing, Calvillo is still scheduled to compete against Botelho on the main card portion of the UFC Fight Night 140 mixed martial arts (MMA) event this Sat. night (Nov. 17, 2018) inside Parque Roca Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“She did an evaluation and everything is alright,” Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission COO Cristiano Sampaio told MMA Fighting. “She will rest now, hydrate, eat, and then she will be ready.”

It should be noted that extreme weight cuts have been linked to concussions, traumatic brain injury, susceptibility to knockouts, and poor performance, according to this report, but this is UFC and we JUST BLEED!

For complete UFC Argentina weigh-in results click here.

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