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Midnight Mania! Cyborg goes full Breaking Bad on Nunes: ‘I am the pressure’

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UFC 222: Cyborg v Kunitskaya Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

It is flying a little under the radar, because we are all getting stoked for Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson 2 — a rematch five years overdue — but the UFC 232 co-main event superfight between women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes and featherweight champion Cris Cyborg is going to be fire. Cyborg will be facing an opponent with genuine knockout power, her toughest test to date. If she wins, she cements a legacy as the greatest female featherweight fighter of all time. If Nunes wins, she adds another belt to her collection and another superstar scalp to her legacy, having already choked Meisha Tate and blasted Ronda Rousey into oblivion.

Cyborg has done her homework, is confident ahead of the bout that she will give Nunes a fight the lighter fighter is not prepared for. Via

“I train for everything,” Cyborg said. “I have five rounds. I watched a couple fights of Amanda and I know she likes to do the pressure, but she don’t like when fighters put pressure on her. I’m the pressure. When she throws her best punch at me, I’m going to be the pressure. She’s going to feel that.”

UFC 232 goes down at the end of the year, on December 29th in Las Vegas. Who are you picking in the co-main event?


Who walks away with the featherweight belt December 29?

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  • 85%
    Cris Cyborg
    (1205 votes)
  • 14%
    Amanda Nunes
    (203 votes)
1408 votes total Vote Now


I thought this was a young Joe Rogan for a full few seconds.

Andrea Lee’s husband Donny Aaron is still at large.

Why has no one landed this knockout in MMA yet?

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One Minute Breakdown: Legal in Free Fighting!

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That Platinum dimension has Mike Perry’s name all over it.

Forrest Griffin is still funny.

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Just jog it off kid

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Is Cowboy vs. Notorious the fight to make?

I’m upset how this photoshop treats Nate Diaz’ face.

Chad Mendes trains his neck using this Space Age-looking contraption. Hey, if it works it works. His crackerjack matchup with Alex Volkanovski also goes down at UFC 232.

Old art edits are my favorite. Wrestling heads are insisting Ben Askren is better than Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Brian Kelleher has never been more relatable.

Combat sports this week and weekend:

These might be my favorite sumo moments

Random Land

You ever hear the myth of the chameleon?

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Chameleon lived in a forest, in the foliage he could hide. He knew he was different, when he looked at himself he knew he did not fit in. Hidden away he observed that the other creatures had similarities to others. Birds had wings, monkeys hands & antelope hooves. His feet were different. He chose to stay hidden away but catching food was limited when hidden under leaves. Each time he ventured out he was spotted by others that mocked him terribly. They picked on his feet, then his nose. These features everyone saw, those who studied him longer realised there was more wrong to him than that. His eyes moved independently & he had a swaying gait which made the other animals mock him as if he’d eaten too many fermented berries. Chameleon had never realised that his eyes moved differently or he wobbled as he walked, these features made him further worried about venturing out from home. Hidden in leaves he was happy, he liked his own company but the need for food, ever present. Chameleon began to worry. One day after an excursion he returned hungry & angry. The animals mocked him again. Something had to be done, so he turned to creator. Creator was shocked at chameleon, he had forgotten about this creation he had made after a heavy night, he instantly took pity & listened to chameleons request. Chameleon simply asked to be invisible. Creator granted his wish & chameleon could choose his appearance depending on the mood at hand, both happy for now, but it did not last too long. Chameleon found that he still needed to walk far to catch his food. His feet did not carry him fast at all & he realised covering distances made him giddy, he went back to creator. Chameleon was bashful to ask another request, after last visit he left happy for what creator had done. As chameleon appeared creator realised that the day he had made chameleon he must have not been well. Chameleons request was promptly met. To this day chameleon remains happy & hidden, his colour changing skin & extendable tongue means he never has to stray far from home.

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This thread on an 1800s Japanese version of the American Revolution is amazing, truly the best Twitter has to offer. You know it is about to be good when it starts picturing G. Washington with the Goddess of America, but it gets better- much, much better.

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