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Dana White slams ‘uneducated a—hole,’ Waleed Aly, for Conor McGregor hit piece (Video)

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White recently made a special guest appearance on The Project with Waleed Aly, promoting UFC Fight Night 142 and UFC 234, both of which are scheduled to go down in Australia.

Unfortunately for the Las Vegas fight boss, Aly was more interested in playing Jim Gray to White’s Pete Rose, and quickly hijacked the interview to talk about Conor McGregor’s meltdown — and subsequent bus attack — earlier this year in New York.

As you might imagine, White was not amused.

“I think it was stupid and ridiculous,” White told “I think for anybody who would think that that was set up, that we would take our biggest star, get him arrested and get him kicked out of the state of New York — the guy can’t fight in the state of New York any more, which is the biggest gate we ever did with Conor McGregor, which was $18 million. To even say something like that, you’re completely uneducated about the sport and you’re just trying to be an asshole.”

Aly suggested the McGregor melee was a work, designed to promote a Khabib Nurmagomedov title fight which eventually came to fruition last October. But that would mean the arrests, lawsuits, injuries, and competition bans resulting from the bus attack were all just means to an end.

I suppose by that logic the Nurmagomedov brawl at UFC 229 was also staged to help set up the eventual rematch. That incident will also result in punishments across the board, now that Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) is involved.

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