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UFC Argentina results: Magny vs Ponzinibbio live stream play-by-play updates

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) makes its return to the FOX Sports 1 airwaves this Saturday night (Nov. 17, 2018) with the UFC Fight Night 140 mixed martial arts (MMA) event inside Parque Roca Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which includes additional preliminary bouts airing on UFC Fight Pass. Headlining the network-televised fight card is the welterweight showdown between grizzled veteran Neil Magny and streaking 170-pound slugger Santiago Ponzinibbio. In the featherweight co-main event, former featherweight title contender Ricardo Lamas looks to avoid “Damage” from 145-pound bruiser Darren Elkins. In addition, Khalil Rountree will try to build on his upset win over Gokhan Saki by throwing hands with light heavyweight Brazilian Johnny Walker. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 140 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass “Prelims” undercard bout at 7 p.m. ET, followed by the FOX Sports 1 “Prelims” undercard bouts at 8 p.m. ET, before the main card start time at 10 p.m. ET, also on FOX Sports 1.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Magny vs. Ponzinibbio.”

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 140 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Neil Magny vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio — Ponzinibbio def. Magny by KO (punch) at 2:36 of Round Four
Darren Elkins vs. Ricardo Lamas — Lamas def. Elkins by TKO (elbows and punches) at 4:09 of Round Three
Khalil Rountree vs. Johnny Walker — Walker def. Rountree by KO (elbows and punches) at 1:57 of Round One
Cezar Ferreira vs. Ian Heinisch — Heinisch def. Ferreira by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)
Guido Cannetti vs. Marlon Vera — Vera def. Cannetti by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:31 of Round Two
Poliana Botelho vs. Cynthia Calvillo — Calvillo def. Botelho by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:48 of Round One
Bartosz Fabinski vs. Michel Prazeres — Prazeres def. Fabinski by submission (guillotine choke) at 1:02 of Round One
Alexandre Pantoja vs. Ulka Sasaki — Pantoja def. Sasaki by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:18 of Round One
Austin Arnett vs. Humberto Bandenay — Arnett def. Bandenay by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27 x2)
Hector Aldana vs. Laureano Staropoli — Staropoli def. Aldana by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Devin Powell vs. Jesus Pinedo — Pinedo def. Powell by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Anderson dos Santos vs. Nad Narimani — Narimani def. dos Santos by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


170 lbs.: Neil Magny vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio

Round 1: Ponzinibbio on the advance. He backs Magny to the fence, eats a jab. Ponzinibbio with a glancing righ thand and leg kick. Stiff jab and he stings Magny with a right hand. One minute in. Magny’s right eye is damaged. Hard jabs. Low kick. Magny low kick. Cross counter hurts Magny. Two minutes in. Ponzinibbio checks a leg kick. Magny popping his own jab. Low kick from Ponzinibbio. Right hand downstairs. Magny lands a leg kick. Two minutes to go.

More jabs by Ponzinibbio. He slips on a leg kick. One minute to go. Ponzinibbio jabs the body, eats one upstairs, lands another leg kick. 2-3 from Ponzinibbio and another right as Magny circles away. Ponzinibbio blasts Magny with a straight right that has the latter covering up. Ponzinibbio lands a left after the bell. 10-9 Ponzinibbio.

Round 2: Ponzinibbio goes bak to the low kicks. He knocks Magny down with one, then lets him up. 3-2 connects for Ponzinibbio a minute in. 1-2 from Magny falls short. Another leg kick drops Magny, who tries to grab an ankle. Magny is slow to stand. Jabs from Ponzinibbio. Two minutes in. Magny jab. Ref pauses the fight to look at a cut on Ponzinibbio’s left eyebrow. Another jab hurts Magny’s eye again. Another leg kick drops Magny. Ponzinibbio kicks his leg while he’s down. Magny is one or two kicks away from this being over. Two minutes to go.

Body jab lands for Ponzinibbio. Magny shoots, stuffed, pulls guard. Ponzinibbio waves him up. One minute to go. 1-2 lands clean. Another thudding jab. 10-9 Ponzinibbio.

Round 3: Magny pumping his jab. Right hand lands in the center. Ponzinibbio whacks the lead leg. Magny tries to flurry a minute in. Yet another leg kick and Magny is hopping at this point. Ponzinibbio staying patient. Left hook and right hand. Two minutes in. Magny leg kick. Magny tries to back him off with kicks. Two minutes to go.

3-2 from Ponzinibbio. Another leg kick hits home. Magny lands a teep. One minute to go. Trading jabs on the fence. 10-9 Ponzinibbio.

Round 4: Magny leg kick. Another leg kick drops Magny. He lets Magny up, Magny tries to pull guard. Ponzinibbio can end this whenever he wants with just one or two more kicks. One minute in. Jab exchange. Anotehr leg kick drops Magny. 1-1-2 from Ponzinibbio. He kicks the other leg. Another boot to the lead leg. Magny in full retreat. Jabs upstairs. Two minutes in. Another leg kick. HUGE right cross and Magny’s face makes the 6’4” trip to the floor.

Final result: Ponzinibbio def. Magny by KO (punch)

145 lbs.: Darren Elkins vs. Ricardo Lamas

Round 1: Lamas takes a shin to the nards, shrugs it off. Head kick connects with the foot. He dumps Elkins to the canvas, grabs the front headlock as Elkins shoots in. Short punches from Elkins, who changes levels after eating a knee. One minute in. They separate. Low kick from Lamas. Again. Spinning back kick attempt. Lamas low kick, Elkns jab. Right hand and body kick by Elkins and he shoots two minutes in. Knees from Lamas in the clinch and he reverses. They separate. Two minutes to go.

Lamas lands another leg kick. Counters from Elkins and a body kick. Lamas lands a jab with a minute to go. Spinning back kick and a leg kick answered by a right hand. A scramble ensues and Elkins looks for the back. Lamas works his way up, succumbs to a double-leg and Elkins again goes to the back. 10-9 Lamas.

Round 2: Lamas leg kick again. Lead right. Elkins looking to counter leg kicks with punching flurries. Lamas hits a well-timed double-leg. Elkins sweeps his way up a minute in and lands an uppercut. Clean head kick from Lamas. Left hook from Elkins, who walks into a right hand. Short right connects for him. Two minutes in. Lamas fires a head kick and Elkins takes him down for it. Lamas uses a guillotine to sweep and land punches on a turtling Elkins. Elkins rolls for a leg and gets swatted with a hard hammerfist. Back to the feet. Flying knee and combination from Lamas. Two minutes to go.

Body kick from Elkins, low kick from Lamas that appears to really jack up Elkins’ calf. Lamas follows up with a nasty uppercut, stalking Elkins. Another calf kick. Spinning back kick by Lamas and a jump knee, met by a right hand. Elkins shoots in against the cage. They separate and trade kicks. 10-9 Lamas.

Round 3: Lamaes goes back to the leg kick early. Elkins changes levels, no dice. Left hook lands for him. Lamas shoots, stuffed, lands a left hook. Low kick lands, met by a left hook. One minute in. They tie up and Lamas puts him on the fence. They separate. Elkins still wading after him. Knee from Lamas, can’t quite snap him down. Elkins uppercut two minutes in. They trade punches after a hard Lamas leg kick. Back to the center after a clinch. Elkins lands a left hand. Lamas completes a double-leg into side control. Brutal elbow. Two minutes to go.

Good punches as Elkins regains guard. Elkins lands an upkick, eats a right hand. Lamas standing over him, kicks Elkins’ leg as he drops punches. Savage elbows and a pair of gigantic hammerfists prompt the ref to step in.

Final result: Lamas def. Elkins by TKO (punches and elbows)

205 lbs.: Khalil Rountree vs. Johnny Walker

Round 1: Opposite stances. Oblique kick from Walker. Leg kick from Rountree that Walker laughs off. One minute in. Body kick from the Brazilian. Head kick and right hand by Walker, who enters the clinch and lands a hard knee. Right hand from Rountree, who gets wobbled by an elbow. Another elbow behind it and Rountree goes down in a heap. A couple more punches and this one’s done.

Final result: Walker def. Rountree by KO (elbows and punches)

185 lbs.: Cezar Ferreira vs. Ian Heinisch

Round 1: Heinisch pressuring early. Body kick from Ferreira. Ferreira hits a blast double into guard a minute in. Heinisch makes his way to his feet against the fence, cracking Ferreira with short right hands until they separate. Teep lands for Heinisch, who walks into a straight left. Heinisch body kick. Ferreira straight left two minutes in. Heinisch goes back to the body kick. Heavy counter left from the Brazilian, who eats low kicks. Another well-timed takedown attempt by Ferreira with two minutes ago.

Heinisch defends against the fence, then jumps guard on a guillotine. Ferreira waiting it out. One minute to go. Heinisch tries to use the cage to stand, turns for an armbar. Hammerfists land for him. Heinisch cranks, but Ferreira escapes before the bell. 10-9 Heinisch.

Round 2: Glancing head kick from Ferreira, who hits yet another takedown off a naked Heinisch kick. Heinisch stands, hauled away from the fence and taken down once more. Heinisch turns for a kimura. One minute in. Heinisch makes his way to the feet and separates. Low kick connects. Straight left from Ferreira. Two minutes in. Heinisch chasing Ferreira, who isn’t doing much. Heinisch low kick. Ferreira shoots and pops his head out of a guillotine. Heinisch rolls to his knees, makes it to his feet. Two minutes to go.

Glancing high kick from Heinisch. He tries a knee tap, can’t get it. One minute to go. Check hook by Ferreira. Straight left. Heinisch whiffs on an uppercut. Front kick from Ferreira, who gets dropped by an overhand right. Heinisch can’t pound him out before the bell. 10-9 Heinisch.

Round 3: Heinisch looking aggressive, walks into a left hand. Ferreira shoots, absorbs elbows, completes a single-leg. Heinisch immediately stands. Ferreira still has a body lock, avoids a switch attempt. They separate. Straight left by Ferreira. He shoots and gets double unders as he puts Heinisch on the fence. Heinisch looks for a hip toss in return. Heinisch uses a whizzer to defend and hurts Ferreira with punches. Heinisch in pursuit, hits a takedown into half guard. Hard elbow. Two minutes to go.

Ferreira makes it to his feet, eats heavy punches. He grabs another body lock. Heinisch defending so far. One minute to go. Heinisch shoots after Ferreira garbs the fence, loses his grip on his leg. One minute to go. Heinisch walking him down, lands a hard right hand and a knee from the clinch. Ferreira limp-legs out of another takedown. Elbow and left hand from Heinisch and they trade against the fence. 10-9 Heinisch.

Final result: Heinisch def. Ferreira by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Guido Cannetti vs. Marlon Vera

Round 1: Body kick lands for Vera, Cannetti comes back with a knee and tries an outside trip. Vera gets the plum and they trade knees. Cannetti slips throwing one and Vera takes guard. Cannetti turns for an armbar, Vera hoists him into the air and he abandons it. One minute in. Cannetti blasts Vera with a straight left and rushes him down, taking him down into side control. He looks to isolate an arm, but Vera scrambles out. He gets back up, Cannetti still attached. Vera reverses, avoids a takedown, and separates two minutes in. Cannetti cracks him with a right hand and charges again, landing to the body. Vera looks for knees. They trade body blows in the clinch. Two minutes to go.

Vera pressing him against the cage, falls victim to an outside trip into guard. One minute to go. Vera threatens an armbar, nothing doing. Cannetti stands over him, lands a hammerfist. Round ends there. 10-9 Cannetti.

Round 2: Trading kicks early. Vera tries a flying knee, lands heavy knees in the clinch that drop Cannetti. Vera clamps down on a guillotine as Cannetti scrambles up and jumps guard, but Cannetti escapes. Cannetti lets Vera up and Vera pursues. An uppercut suns Cannetti and Vera goes after him with punches and knees. Vera takes his back and secures the choke.

Final result: Vera def. Cannetti by submission (rear naked choke)

115 lbs.: Poliana Botelho vs. Cynthia Calvillo

Round 1: Botelho tries a low kick. Wheel kick attempt. Calvillo catches a leg kick and trips Botelho to the mat. Botelho immediately scrambles up and lands punches. Leg kick connects. One minute in. Head kick attempt. Calvillo goes low-high. Two minutes in. Low kick. Calvillo catches another kick for a takedown into side control with two minutes to go.

Botelho manages to get half guard with a minute to go. Body shot from Calvillo. Elbows. Good left hands as Botelho rolls to her knees. Calvillo locks up a no-hook RNC and draws a frantic tap.

Final result: Calvillo def. Botelho by submission (rear naked choke)

170 lbs.: Bartosz Fabinski vs. Michel Prazeres

Round 1: Fabinski bulls his way in for a takedown right away. Prazeres rebuffs him, then crushes him with an overhand right. Fabinski survives, but Prazeres continues pounding away and takes him down into full mount when he tries to stand. Prazeres responds by pulling guard on a guillotine, sweeping into mount, and drawing the tap.

Final result: Prazeres def. Fabinski by submission (guillotine choke)

125 lbs.: Alexandre Pantoja vs. Ulka Sasaki

Round 1: They open with some exchanging in the center. Pantoja shoots, pulls guard for an armbar. Not there. Pantoja transitions to a triangle, then an armbar. Sasaki defending, eats an elbow. Sasaki postures out a minute in. Hard right hand. Pantoja looking for a leg. He transitions directly to the back and locks up the rear naked choke two minutes in. Sasaki’s forced to tap.

Final result: Pantoja def. Sasaki by submission (rear naked choke)

145 lbs.: Austin Arnett vs. Humberto Bandenay

Round 1: Bandenay opens with a leg kick. Double right from Arnett. Another Bandenay low kick. One minute in. Arnett blocks a head kick, eats a straight left. Arnett dings him with a right hook in return. Bandenay straight left. Arnett blitzing with some regularity, eats kicks and ties up. Two minutes in. They separate. 2-3 from Arnett. Body kick. Swatting left lands for Bandenay. Two more lefts. Arnett clinches up with two minutes to go.

Banndenay dumps him to the mat and lands a left hook in the way up. Arnett clinches back up. Knee from Arnett. One minute to go. Ref separates them. Body kick from Bandenay kicks off a vicious combo. Arnett lands a right hand, looks for a takedown. 10-9 Bandenay.

Round 2: Bandenay goes back to the kicks. Arnett looks for a punching combo. Arnett tosses out some kicks, lands a left hand and ties up. One minute in. Knees to the body. Bandenay lands one in return. More knees. Bandenay unable to reverse position. Bandenay takes a low blow and takes some time to recover. Two minutes in. Body kick by Arnett. Arnett slips, nearly eats a head kick. Body kick lands for him, then Bandenay lands a hard kick when Arnett slips again. Arnett puts him on the fence. They separate with two minutes to go.

Lead left from Arnett. Bandenay leg kick. Arnett shoots and fishes for an outside reap. One minute to go. Bandenay reverses and they separate. Bandenay shoots into a guillotine in the waning seconds, pops out. 10-9 Arnett.

Round 3: Bandenay catches a kick, can’t use it, eats a right. Body kick from Arnett. 1-2 from Arnett. One minute in. Body kick from Bandenay, then a hard straight left as Arnett steps in. Arnett lands a straight left near the fence. Two minutes in. 1-2 from Arnett. Bandenay shoots, denied, takes him down into side control. Bandenay regains guard. Two minutes to go.

Arnett patient, landing ground-and-pound. One minute to go. Arnett continuing to pile up punches. He postures up for some nastier blows in the last 20 seconds. Bandenay with a half-hearted armbar attempt. 10-9 Arnett.

Final result: Arnett def. Bandenay by unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Hector Aldana vs. Laureano Staropoli

Round 1: Aldana ignored a glove touch in favor of a leg kick, kicking off a wild exchange in the center. More trading. Aldana ducks a spinning back fist. Left hook from the Argentine. Aldana’s left eye is bleeding from something. One minute in. Another aldana leg kick but he gets cracked and they trade yet again. Staropoli tries another spinning attack, lands on the cage. Aldana leg kick. Two minutes in. Aldana lands a stiff jab. Staropoli leg kick, Aldana left hook. Staropoli’s got an egg above his right eye. Ref pauses to check out Aldana’s cut. Aldana lands a left, back to the trading. Jumping knee from Staropoli. Two minutes to go.

Staropli lands a hard right hand to begin another brutal exchange. Aldana leg kick. Staropoli tries a flying knee, falls, Aldana doesn’t follow him down. 1-2 form Aldana. One minute to go. Staropoli low kick and left hook. Trading heat. Left hook exchange in the center. 10-9 Aldana.

Round 2: Aldana takes a low kick right off the bat. He takes a bit to recover, but goes back to the low kick and Staropoli tries to answer with kicks and a knee. Aldana head kick nearly connects as Staropoli throws. One minute in. Counter left by Staropoli off an Aldana leg kick. Aldana lands a jab. Leg kick met by a Staropoli flurry. Straight left. Two minutes in. Aldana leg kick met by counters. 3-2 from Staropoli. He checks a leg kick, lands an elbow and swatting right. Aldana ties up on the fence. Two minutes to go.

They separate. Staropoli goes low-high and it’s back to slugging. Another hard body shot. Aldana’s cut’s re-opened. One minute to go. Three-punch combo lands. 10-9 Staropoli.

Round 3: They once again meet in the center and batter each other. Low kick by Staropoli. Again. 1-2 connects. Aldana low kick. Overhand right connects for Staropoli. One minute in. low kick. 2-1. Side kick lands for Aldana. Staropoli answers with a left hook. Two minutes in. Staropoli looking for right hands. Straight left connects. Body kick and left hook. He tries to spin again and avoids a clinch. Two minutes to go.

Staropoli continuing to press the attack. Aldana fires a low kick. One minute to go. Heavy hook lands for Staropoli. Big hooks. Overhand right. Stiff jab, opening up on the fence. 10-9 Staropoli.

Final result: Staropoli def. Aldana by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Devin Powell vs. Jesus Pinedo

Round 1: Body kick lands for Powell. Pinedo responds with his own. Pinedo then lands a nasty left hand that puts Powell on his back. No entry for Pinedo as he tries to kick the legs of Powell. Pinedo lets him up. Brutal body kick by Pinedo. Powell attempts a front kick and gets dumped on his butt. Two minutes down.

Powell scores a solid right hand and then puts the pressure on Pinedo. Knees and uppercuts in the clinch for Powell. Pinedo fires off with wild hooks to the body. One minute left. Big head kick by Powell barely misses. He then scores a quick leg kick. Good combination along the cage for Powell, but Pinedo scores another sweep and lands solid ground-and-pound before the round comes to an end. 10-9 Pinedo.

Round 2: Head kick slightly lands for Pinedo. Powell responds with an inside leg kick. Front kick by Pinedo gets blocked. Powell pushing the pace and lands another hard leg kick. Pinedo responds with a straight left. Kick inside lands for Powell. Pinedo dances around as he scores a left hook. Two minutes down.

Pinedo blocks a Powell head kick. He then catches another kick and puts Powell on the ground again. Pinedo didn’t engage Powell’s guard, but was able to score valuable points with kicks to the legs and short sneaky punches around Powell’s arms. Pinedo continues with a few hard hammer fists and elbows. 10-9 Pinedo.

Round 3: Powell’s right eye seems to be closed so the referee stops the fight for a cageside doctor to take a look. The action returns and Pinedo lands a big kick to the body. He follows that up with a timely head kick. Pinedo starts dancing again as his confidence on the feet grows. Powell gets clipped by a nice combination. Pinedo piles it on with a crisp jab. Two minutes down.

Pinedo catches Powell coming in with a perfect counter hook. Powell throws a leg kick but it gets caught again and Pinedo puts him back on the ground. Once again, Pinedo refuses to engage the guard of Powell but starts to score points. Powell defends and tries to score his own shots with a few up kicks. The action returns to the feet. One minute remaining. Good forward combination by Powell. Pinedo welcomes him inside for an exchange of punches. Powell shoots in for a takedown in the final seconds but Pinedo shrugs it off. 10-9 Pinedo.

Final result: Pinedo def. Powell by unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Anderson dos Santos vs. Nad Narimani

Round 1: Early pressure from Narimani. He lands a stiff right hand cross. Dos Santos responds with his own combination. Inside leg kick by Narimani. Another two-punch combo for Narimani. Outside leg kick for dos Santos. Another right by Narimani along the cage. More rights from Narimani has dos Santos wobbles. Two minutes down.

Good left hand counter by dos Santos backs Narimani up. Another counter punch by dos Santos. Narimani responds with a power left and kick. Good punches landed inside by both featherweights. Narimani pulls back and scores a right hand. Dos Santos lands his own right. Body kick by dos Santos. Leg kick by Narimani. Dos Santos returns with a stiff jab. 10-9 Narimani.

Round 2: Dos Santos lands a power shot to begin the second. Narimani stumbles back then lands his own right cross. Inside leg kick by dos Santos followed by a body kick for Narimani. Lead jab by dos Santos gets blocked. Big right lands along the cage for Narimani as he transitions to a takedown attempt. Dos Santos defends and the two separate. Jab-cross combination by Narimani backs dos Santos up. Stiff counter right by dos Santos as Narimani starts to backpedal. Two minutes down.

Dos Santos works for a takedown along the cage but Narimani defends and reverses positioning. Narimani wobbles dos Santos with an elbow before scoring the first takedown of the fight. Short punches and elbows by Narimani from half guard. Dos Santos defending nicely as he prevents Narimani from posturing up. One minute left. More short elbows from Narimani as dos Santos starts to scoot towards the cage. 10-9 Narimani.

Round 3: Both featherweights embrace for a hug before dos Santos lands a nice front kick. Narimani whiffs on a left hook but comes back with a nice right hand. Dos Santos throws his own combination before Narimani launches in for another takedown. Dos Santos grabs a hold of the neck and nearly locks in a tight guillotine choke. Narimani transitions, pops his head out, and gets back to his feet where he starts to land good knees in the clinch. Two minutes down.

Big lead left hook by Narimani, who starts to show some blood from his left eye. Lead jab by dos Santos lands, but a counter left for Narimani lands harder. Dos Santos returns with a combination moving forward. Narimani scores another right hand. Left uppercut by dos Santos finds a home. He follows that up with a nasty combination inside and then a superman punch. Narimani shakes it off and lands another takedown with one minute on the clock. Narimani is able to posture up this time around and land some good solid power shots from full guard. 10-9 Narimani.

Final result: Narimani def. dos Santos by unanimous decision.

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