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Pic: A Korean Zombie and a Mexican ‘Pantera’ walk into a hospital

After Chan Sung Jung and Yair Rodriguez shared 24 minutes and 59 seconds of intense back-and forth action inside the Octagon last Saturday night (Nov. 10, 2018) at UFC Fight Night 139 in Denver, Colorado, the two were reunited hours later at the local hospital.

Indeed, “The Korean Zombie” and “El Pantera” posed for this epic photo displaying the respect and admiration they have for one another during their time in the hospital. Busted grills and all.

“This is how #MMA is treated @koreanzombiemma is a warrior,” posted Yair on his Instagram account. “I am honored to have had the opportunity to fight against you, this has been the toughest fight I have ever had and the most significant one as well. @koreanzombiemma you recover soon warrior!”

The two put on a memorable performance in “The Mile High City,” with both men dishing out and receiving punishment. Heading into the fifth and final round, Jung was up on the scorecards (see them here).

Needing a Hail Mary win, Rodriguez connected with a crazy upward elbow that caught a rushing “Zombie” right on the chin, putting him down for the count at the buzzer. The win earned Yair a cool $100,000 in post-fight bonus money, with Jung taking home an extra $50,000 for his efforts. It was a truly perfect way to cap off Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) 25th anniversary show.

The question is, who did it better, Jung and Rodriguez or Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson?

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