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Dana White reacts to Yair Rodriguez’s win over The Korean Zombie: ‘Craziest finish ever!’

“Craziest finish ever.”

Those were the words coming out of Dana White’s mouth following Yair Rodriguez’s hail mary come from behind back elbow knockout of “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung in the main event of UFC Denver. And while the UFC president has been known for hyperbole in the past, we’d say he’s pretty accurate in his assessment of this one.

“There was one second left on the clock when he landed that elbow, and Yair was losing 4-to-1. ‘Zombie’ had the fight in the bag, he had one more second to go and ... wow, what a finish.”

White was pretty honest across the board discussing the event with FOX Sports 1’s Laura Sanko following the show’s conclusion.

”It’s so hard for me to think of anything right now after seeing the Zombie and Yair just fight, it was insane,” he said. “The ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone fight was incredible ... couple of stinkers in the middle, but the co-main and main event blew the doors off this place.”

White saved some love for his go-to action guy, Donald Cerrone, who broke records for most wins and most finishes in the UFC with his first round submission win of young up-and-comer Mike Perry.

”They love ‘Cowboy’ everywhere, but they really love ‘Cowboy’ in Denver,” White said. “The heat going into this fight, the animosity between the camp and ‘Cowboy’ ... and for him to go in and pull off the submission gangster style like he did was pretty awesome.”

He also didn’t deny reports about the end of the 125 pound flyweight division. Earlier in the week, news came that the UFC was shutting down the weightclass and releasing a bunch of flyweight talent, while simultaneously making 135 pound champ TJ Dillashaw vs. new 125 pound champ Henry Cejudo for the soon to be defunct flyweight title.

”Listen, we’re working on some things right now with that division,” White said. “Dillashaw wants to win two belts, there are five or six guys who have done it. He wants to do it, Cejudo is absolutely fine fighting at that weight instead of going to 135, so we made it.”

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