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UFC Fight Night 139 results: Beneil Dariush shuts down newcomer Thiago Moisés

Beneil Dariush and Thiago Moisés faced off tonight (Saturday, November 10, 2018) from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, live and free on Fox Sports 1. Dariush was attempting to bounce back from a KO loss to Alex Hernandez, while Moisés was making his UFC debut.

They touched gloves. Dariush opened with a body kick from his southpaw stance, then another. He closed the distance on Moisés, who jumped guard with a guillotine that didn’t pan out. Dariush landed a couple punches before Moisés spun for an armbar, which he didn’t land. He got to a kneeling position and Dariush tried to scramble onto his back, landing knees to his legs. He couldn’g get the back, and Moisés stood, with Dariush still holding him against the cage. Moisés cracked him with an elbow the moment there was a little separation. Moisés tried a couple judo throws, but Dariush stayed on him. He dropped for another guillotine, which also didn’t pan out. Dariush postured and landed hooks and elbows. Moisés got to his feet and they separated. Dariush landed a jab, ate a body kick from Moisés. He pushed to the clinch againand looked for a takedown, which Moisés fought for a moment but eventually went down. He turtled, and Dariush landed more punches. Dariush got nearly full mount and was landing repeated punches before the horn sounded to end the round.

Dariush landed a head kick to start round 2, then a big overhand. He picked up Moisés with a bodylock and threw him laterally to the floor. He landed in half guard, putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the newcomer. Moisés recovered full guard. He tried to stand, and did for a moment, but Dariush stuck to him like glue and leaned on him against the cage, breaking his posture to the floor as Moisés tried repeatedly to stand. Dariush took his back and black belt Moisés tried to defend the rear-naked choke, moving to the safe side. He managed to escape being submitted, but the second round had been domination by the veteran Beneil Dariush.

Moisés spun with a wheel kick to open the third, then landed a solid right straight. He landed a stiff uppercut as Dariush closed the distance, but Beneil no-sold it and looked for the takedown with a bodylock. Moisés tried another guillotine, but Dariush bucked out of it once again. On top once again, Dariush dropped elbows and punches on Moisés. Dariush took his back once again, looking for that rear-naked choke. Moises had the right idea, but was beginning to have trouble peeling off the rear hand. He got wrist control for a moment, and Dariush went back to arm punching the side of his head. Moises turned away from Dariush, who let go of his body triangle and got top position. Moisés must be tired at this point. Dariush landed elbows to his body. Moisés turtled, and Dariush punched him from thew wrestler’s ride until the fight ended.

Official result: Beneil Dariush def. Thiago Moisés via unanimous decision (30-25x2, 30-26)

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