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Chuck Liddell, Joe Rogan forced to evacuate Southern California due to Woolsey Fire

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Fast-Spreading Hill Fire Forces Evacuations In California’s Ventura County Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Another wild fire has been blazing a trail in Southern California this week and it’s taking a toll on some of MMA’s finest.

The Woolsey and Hill blazes originally began as a campfire, but have since turned into rapidly growing and extremely uncontrollable wildfires. Within 36 hours of its formation, the fire is already the most destructive wildfire in California history. It has claimed over 6,000 buildings, 6,000 homes, and nearly one dozen lives.

Here is some disturbing footage of the ongoing fires:

Here is an aerial view of the blazes courtesy of Los Angeles County Fire Department:

As residents of Southern California, former UFC champion Chuck Liddell and current UFC color commentator Joe Rogan have been forced to evacuate their homes. In a social media post earlier today, Liddell detailed his escape from the infernos and his appreciation for all the first responders.

As for Rogan, he had to cancel a comedy set this weekend in order to get his own family to safety.

UFC president Dana White, who is very close to both Liddell and Rogan, had the following message to those affected by the fires:

This is a scary situation to say the least. The MMA community already encountered a similar situation late last year when wildfires ravaged Northern California. UFC flyweight champion Henry Cejudo not only lost his Olympic medal in the blaze, but he nearly lost his life.

Hopefully all residents have successfully evacuated the areas as firefighters have only managed to contain 20 percent of the flames.

Stick with Mania for ongoing updates on the situation.