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Midnight Mania! Derrick Lewis explains scientific reason balls never really get that hot

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Derrick Lewis famously told Joe Rogan after his last-minute comeback knockout at UFC 229 that the reason he had taken his shorts off was because “my balls was hot.” To which Rogan, naturally, replied, “I understand.” The interview went viral, netting Lewis millions of new Instagram followers, a title shot, and a T-shirt line.

Well, it turns out, Lewis’ balls weren’t really that hot. However, if you are feeling disillusioned, don’t worry: his explanation of why balls can’t ever really get that hot is probably just as good as his Rogan interview:

I took my shorts off to throw into the crowd. [Joe Rogan] asked me that, and I didn’t know what to say.

[To reporter] I know you play with your balls sometimes, and you know that one feeling between your butthole and your balls that’s always cold? So your balls never that hot.

He said he doesn’t know where his shorts are, because he always throws his shorts and gloves into the crowd because he doesn’t care about that stuff. He said he would throw his belt into the crowd too if he wins it, but his coach wouldn’t like that. The entire interview is well worth watching; Lewis also says Cormier is scared to fight Jon Jones, and gives the (real) secret to a successful marriage. He also said his UFC 230 main event fight with Daniel Cormier will be an especially good one because his purse is guaranteed: he will go hunting for an early knockout because he’s getting the same paycheck win or lose.


This is 22 minutes from where I live, but if Lewis does knock DC out there is no way that two-hour window is enough time to get free chicken on Sunday. The lines will be out the door.

Still, what a perfect, well-deserved sponsorship for the Black Beast.

Maybe Cormier can get a Carl’s Jr. sponsorship instead.

Wrong fast food chain, photoshop genius...


Georges St. Pierre dressed up as one of his favorite characters- Darth Maul!

Chan Sung Jung is the perfect Halloween fighter because of his nickname (of course), the Korean Zombie

Angela Hill is Sonic the Hedgehog!

Guess who Olivier Aubin-Mercier is for Halloween...

This was hilarious. Israel Adesanya always swipes right!

The parodies were swift to come and it ain’t right...

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Happy Halloween folks be safe !

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Cub Swanson and Kenda Perez are cosplaying as characters from Bob’s Burgers, but it’s a little weird that Kenda is supposed to be Louise, Bob’s daughter in the show.

This isn’t even an MMA page... stay in your lane, mainstream meme accounts.

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I cant with this

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How did Jon Jones compliment this man, roast him, and roast himself all at the same time??

How good a sponsor can GAT supplements be if they couldn’t find a tainted sample to get Jon Jones off for his second offense?

Anthony Pettis avoided taking an additional round of brain-rattling punishment from Tony Ferguson, flew off to a tropical beach and is enjoying life to the fullest. That’s a success story!

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I didn’t recall Chris Weidman’s beard game being this strong

Cory Sandhagen hitting pads is mesmerizing to watch.

Hey even Michael Myers sometimes wants to dress up for Halloween and feel pretty.

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Bellator Flyweight champion Ilima-Lei Macfarlane is taking BJ Penn’s underwater Hawaii training to a new level

Better yet, don’t try this at all!

So true...

Apologies to anyone with moral objections to hunting, but congratulations to Chad Mendes on the buck and the meat for the winter!

Random Land

This is an amazing Halloween costume.

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