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Midnight Mania! Anthony Pettis ‘knows’ Ferguson will try wrestling, predicts submission win

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Anthony “Showtime” Pettis and Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson are set to clash in the highly anticipated co-main event of UFC 229 tomorrow night. Pettis, the former UFC and WEC lightweight champion, doesn’t feel any pressure facing the streaking Ferguson, who was awarded and then summarily stripped of the interim lightweight title after a freak knee injury before UFC 223 in April.

I think this guy’s gonna get hit a lot, but I know he’s gonna try wrestling. I mean I know his knee’s not 100%, he’s not gonna stay in striking range a long time, we’re gonna end up on the ground. I feel like it’s either gonna be a submission based off a clip on the feet, or I’m gonna catch his ass with something big.

He also blamed his previous losses on mental failings, and mentioned that his weight ballooned up to a crazy 205 pounds after the Max Holloway weight cut, saying that something went very wrong with his body.

Highest I can get is ‘85, eating shitty food. So like, something really went wrong. I got down to... 146.8 I was, and my eyes, my vision went away. I passed out, I saw white, and that’s when I said, if you guys want me to fight, I gotta stop cutting weight...

‘55 is easy for me. That was 145.

He also said he hopes to face Jose Aldo at some point now that Aldo has moved to lightweight, calling 155 the best division in the world.


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