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Conor McGregor estimates he’ll make $50 million for Khabib Nurmagomedov title fight at UFC 229

UFC 229 Khabib v McGregor: Press Conference Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Lorenzo Fertitta was on to something after all.

Conor McGregor doesn’t get paid like your average mixed marital arts (MMA) star, but the mouthy Irishman’s next payday could shatter the record books and never be topped. According to “Notorious,” he is in line to collect up to $50 million for his upcoming title fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 this Saturday (Oct. 6, 2018) in Las Vegas, Nevada.


“We are estimating between three and three and a half million (PPV buys),” said Conor during today’s (Thurs., Oct. 6, 2018) UFC 229 pre-fight press conference. “I say I will close in around the $50 million dollar mark,” he added.

“For a mixed martial artist to make $50 million in a mixed martial arts (MMA) bout, it is quite breathtaking. I’ve got to thank my management at Paradigm, I have to thank Dana White and thank Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta for schooling me in this game. And the new owners at WME-IMG. I haven’t really met those guys but they have been good to me so far.”

“When I fought Nate Diaz the first time, he was on $20,000 to show and $20,000 to win. The game has gone to so many new heights so quickly and we are all just trying to keep up and catch up. It’s a great time to be involved in the sport for myself, the fighters and the promoters, managers, media, fans. Times are good so let us enjoy these momentous occasions.”

Reaching that billion-dollar-mark little by little.

McGregor inked a new six-fight extension with the promotion a few weeks ago which will undoubtedly fatten his piggy bank a bit more. On top of that, his Irish No. Twelve Whiskey seems to be doing great, and he recently inked a multi-million dollar deal with Monster Energy.

Indeed, “Notorious” is changing the game and his legal hiccups don’t be to be slowing him down one bit when a less-popular fighter would’ve probably lost his job by now. Nevertheless, the McGregor business is in full effect and the the line will be stretching around the corner with eager opponents hoping to face him next.

How things change in six short months.

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