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Dana White: Conor McGregor’s Proper 12 whiskey is going to make him a billionaire

Never mind the massive fight checks, Dana White thinks the real money is in McGregor’s Proper 12 whiskey.

Eire Born Spirits

Conor McGregor’s quest to hit Fertitta level wealth is on track, or at least according to UFC president Dana White.

McGregor is headed into UFC 229 with a new six fight deal that the Irish fighter claims will earn him nearly nine figures a fight. How much exactly not even McGregor himself knows, given that a big chunk of the money he’s making is based off PPV sales. But looking at what McGregor vs. Mayweather did and what McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov is expected to do, we think he’ll do just fine.

”We’re trending between 2.6 and 3 million [PPV buys],” White told TMZ Sports before suggesting the numbers could be even higher. “But everything is trending, killing Mayweather vs. McGregor in numbers. Let me just give you one small example. UFC Embedded, the first episode with Mayweather and McGregor did 800,000 views in 24 hours. This one did 1.7 million in 24 hours. All the numbers like that are just double what we did on MayMac. What does that mean for pay-per-view? I don’t know, we’re going to find out.”

Then there’s all his business endeavors, of which Proper 12 whiskey is the most significant. Released last month, the whiskey’s launch has been a resounding success and could give McGregor a solid foothold in a multi-billion dollar industry. White certainly thinks it’s going to land him in the three comma club down the road.

”The last thing he needs to worry about is his check,” White said. “The whiskey thing is probably going to make this kid a billion dollars. They can’t keep his Proper 12 whiskey, they can’t keep it off the shelves. It’s flying off the shelves. All the casinos around here are not only serving it, selling it. He’s killing it and good for him.”

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