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Daniel Cormier lays out retirement run: ‘Lesnar first, then Jones’

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‘DC’ has decided he can’t pass up the opportunity to face Jon Jones one more time before hanging up his gloves.

UFC 226: Miocic v Cormier Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

UFC double champ and Jon Jones nemesis Daniel Cormier was in the FOX Sports studios the night news of Jones’ eyebrow raising 15 month USADA suspension came out, and at that moment it didn’t really sound like he wanted a third fight with Jones. His original plan was to fight Brock Lesnar early in 2019 and then retire by March. But now that he’s had some time to digest the news, he’s decided he just can’t resist the chance to avenge his losses to the man many consider the true light heavyweight champ in exile.

”If Lesnar can’t fight, I’d fight Stipe,” Cormier told TMZ Sports. “But it’s gonna be Jones at least. Lesnar and Jones. Lesnar first, Jones after.”

But contrary to Dana White’s assertion that Cormier vs. Jones 3 could go down at heavyweight, “DC” is adamant he wants it at light heavyweight.

”I want to fight Jones at 205,” he said. “Because that’s where he beat me. He beat me at 205. I want to beat him where he beat me. And I think Jon and I are on the same wavelength in that sense ... and we’re never on the same wavelength. We don’t agree on anything. It’s always going to be that intense. But both of us want to fight at 205 and ultimately ... Dana is a powerful guy but ultimately what we decide is what we’re going to do. And if both of us say we’re going to fight at 205, that’s where we’re going to fight.”

As for who “DC” thinks will win in a potential Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson rematch currently being worked on for UFC 232?

”Jones’ll win,” Cormier said without hesitation. “Jones will beat Gustafsson. Hey man, he’s a cheater, he’s now a snitch, but he’s a great fighter.”

That set him off on a rant about the unusual circumstances surrounding Jon’s return.

”He absolutely snitched. He has to. Johnny Brasco. Think about it: he got a 30 month reduction off his suspension. It’s the truth. And even his management tried to say that he didn’t but USADA came back and goes ‘No, he did. He told us, he has to provide information and he has to continue providing information in order to keep this kind of suspension. Oh man, he’s an informant.”