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Video: Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz forced to exchange compliments while promoting Nov. 24 showdown

If you’re just here for the compliments, let me save you a bunch of pointless words.

Chuck Liddell, 48, still makes the mohawk look good and Tito Ortiz, 43, is a good father. That was the most interesting thing to come out of this pre-fight interview, which was as slow and boring as their next fight is expected to be (more on that here).

Perhaps I’m being too hard on them, but I kind of like it when things go off the rails, because after all, this is the fight business. When two fighters share screen time, especially when they share a history like Liddell and Ortiz, I always hope it ends like this.

“The Iceman” (21-8) is coming out of retirement to give “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” (19-12-1) one more shot at defeating him after Ortiz went 0-2 under the UFC banner back in 2004, then again in 2006, both by technical knockout.

Their main event tops the Golden Boy MMA pay-per-view (PPV) fight card inside The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., on Nov. 24, 2018.

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