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Conor McGregor halloween costume makes Irish lad most ‘Notorious’ kid in school (Video)

Islam Badurgov would be proud!

Halloween costumes have come a long way over the years and I can’t be the only one who as a child, was relegated to those flimsy plastic masks with the white rubber band that barely covered your face.

I eventually graduated to the full latex mask because I love the taste of facial sweat and the smell of Centralia, Pennsylvania.

But even as Halloween costumes become far more intricate (and far more expensive), you still can’t beat some good, old-fashioned creativity, like the kind sported by the O’Connor clan for this year’s dress-up celebration.

The video above features 7 year-old Mason O’Connor decked out like his idol, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, complete with a bottle of Proper No. 12 whiskey because hey, if you’re gonna do it, do it right.

“I had bought him Batman and his little seven-month-old brother Robin, but Mason said ‘no way,’” mom Vickie told Irish Examiner. “So, on Wednesday we threw together his outfit for school Thursday. I drew the tattoo on his neck and chest by hand with markers.”

Rumors that little Mason threw his Radio Flyer through a school bus window have not been confirmed at this time; however, two of his classmates are reportedly in the hospital while another is seeking therapy.

Damn, that kid is good.

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