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Sorry Khabib, but Dana White won’t entertain any more Mayweather fights unless ‘Money’ signs with UFC

One and done.

That’s the message from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White, who is getting into the boxing business but getting out of the Floyd Mayweather business, which means the Khabib Nurmagomedov showdown that both parties agreed to is not happening.

Unless it happens inside the cage.

“Listen, if Mayweather wants to fight, come fight,” White told TMZ. “You fight in the UFC. We’re not boxing him. We did that once. That’s over. You wanna fight? You come fight a real fight.”

If Mayweather isn’t going to sign with UFC to fight Conor McGregor — and earn the Irishman’s respect — then there’s no way in hell “Money” would do it for an even tougher match up against one of the sport’s most punishing grapplers.

And despite his in-cage accomplishments, which includes a “Notorious” submission win, “The Eagle” is not a mainstream star like McGregor and would not add any value except to those combat sports fans dying to see someone take the undefeated Mayweather and turn him inside out.

Ordinarily I would say this is the end of the conversation but there is always some dopey reporter who is going to keep asking these nonsensical Mayweather questions and people inexplicably continue to click on this stuff so ... I guess we’ll see you next time.

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