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UFC Fight Night 138 results: Andre Soukhamthath defeats Jonathan Martinez in battle

Andre Soukhamthath faced off with Jonathan Martinez in a bantamweight bout tonight (Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018) from Moncton Events Center in New Brunswick, Canda, live and free on Fox Sports 1. Soukhamthath was looking to bounce back from a high-profile loss to Sean O’Malley.

Martinez came out with a leg kick, then a little while later threw a head kick. Soukhamthath (Yes, I spelled that out) looked to pressure his way inside, but Martinez backed him up with a variety of kicks. Soukhamthath (it gets easier with practice) knocked down Martinez! Martinez scrambled, ending up in Soukhamthath’s headlock. This gave him a little time to recover and he eventually managed to drive through it to hold Soukhamthath against the cage. The referee stopped the bout, saying that Soukhamthath had landed a knee to the groin. When they restarted, Martinez resumed kicking, but Soukhamthath powered his way inside, unleashing a barrage of punches against a covering Martinez, who had his back against the cage, then clinching. Eventually they separated, Soukhamthath unleashing another barrage of short hooks inside. Martinez landed a body knee, then ate a spinning back elbow. He went down from another barrage, but survived to the bell!

Soukhamthath ate another couple roundhouse kicks off the arms before landing his hooks in the pocket and pushing through to the clinch, where he held Martinez against the fence. They separated, and he landed an elbow and several hooks to the body and head. He kept up the barrage, landing Nick Diaz-esque body punches, then the referee stopped the bout for just a moment. They resumed, and Soukhamthath resumed his assault. Martinez turned him against the cage in the clinch and took him down! He framed with his forearm across Soukhamthath’s throat in half guard, postured and started landing some ground and pound, dropping punches and elbows. He tried to pass guard, and Soukhamthath got to all fours, with Martinez spinning behind but not quite able to take his back against the cage. Soukhamthath stood, landing a body knee in the Thai clinch. Soukhamthath ate an elbow, landed a slapping elbow, ate a body kick.

They touched gloves to start the third round. Martinez threw up a high kick, and when Soukhamthath stepped in for another body punch combination he drove into the clinch, trying to take Andre down against the cage. Soukhamthath defended, broke free and began going to work with body punches, leaping knees and elbows. Martinez fired back with body knees and reversed Soukhamthath, putting him against the cage again. With each fighter having likely taken a round apiece, this fight would be decided in the final three minutes. Soukhamthath ate a knee to the head but landed a brief takedown. Martinez got back up and reversed position again, putting him against the cage. They traded positions four more times, then five before Soukhamthath took Martinez down with a single-leg lift. He was in side control, Martinez trying to use his legs to push off the cage and reverse position. Soukhamthath nearly took his back but Martinez spun out into guard, then Soukhamthath got back up, with his back to the cage again. Soukhamthath reversed position, got Martinez down to all fours, then looked for a standing arm triangle as the fight wore to a conclusion.

Andre “The Asian Sensation” Soukhamthath was awarded the fight by unanimous decision. He praised Martinez in the post-fight interview, saying he was proud of Martinez for stepping up on three weeks notice. He told the crowd it doesn’t matter what flag you represent, we are all one and we need to come together and support each other. The positive message drew a cheer from the crowd.

Official result: Andre Soukhamthath def. Jonathan Martinez via unanimous decision (30-26, 29-28x2)

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