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Video: TUF 28’s Bea Malecki tops Uriah Hall, shatters UFC ‘Dream Racing’ record

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will occasionally send its fighters to the “Dream Racing” experience at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, for no other reason than to see what they can do with a super fast car and miles of asphalt to burn rubber.

Veteran middleweight Uriah Hall was the previous record holder with the fastest track time of 57.22 behind the wheel of his Ferrari F430 GT Race Car. The operative word here? “Was,” as The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 28 contestant, Bea Malecki, got strapped into her Lamborghini Gallardo GT and torched “Prime Time” by nearly two seconds.

That’s twice Hall got beat by a girl.

So, what is Dream Racing? Well, exactly what it sounds like. You hop into a dream car and start racing it around the track. The all-inclusive experience includes classroom training, as well as a 3D simulator session before you roll onto the track.

And yes, it has a lounge!

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