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Tuivasa: Junior dos Santos a ‘steroid-injecting little muppet’

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UFC on Fox: Live Heavyweight Championship Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

I guess tickets for the upcoming UFC Fight Night 142 event aren’t selling so well, as the usually mild-mannered Junior dos Santos is now waging a war of trash talk against heavyweight opponent Tai Tuivasa, who of course, responded in kind.

It all started when “Cigano” called “Bam Bam” a “coward” for telling Bruce Buffer his background was in street fighting, a strange critique from the Brazilian banger, who also followed it up with accusations of fake martial arts.

“To represent street fighting...that’s just stupid. Who fights in the streets? It’s not even fair. That’s a coward,” Dos Santos told Sporting News. ”Street fighting is not a martial art - it doesn’t exist. How can someone represent street fighting - that’s bullshit.”


“I was giving him credit for being a great, but he can go (expletive) himself now,” Tuivasa fired back. “Just because of what Bruce Buffer said? As if I’m gonna say I’m a black belt or something. Calling someone a coward is a bit shallow from a steroid-injecting little muppet like that.”

I feel like there’s a Dr. Bunsen Honeydew photoshop somewhere in our future.

Dos Santos ran into trouble with United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) back in 2017 but was later exonerated — along with this fellow slugger — when the supplement maker was busted for lacing its products for banned substances.

I guess “Cigano” can prove that street fighting is as “stupid” as he claims it to be when he throws hands with Tuivasa this December on FOX Sports 1 from inside Adelaide Entertainment Center in Adelaide, Australia.

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