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Marlon Moraes: TJ Dillashaw doesn't want to test himself by picking on UFC flyweights

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Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

T.J. Dillashaw is adamant he intends to move down to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UF)C Flyweight division to challenge current champion, Henry Cejudo, as opposed to letting “The Messenger” move up to challenge for his Bantamweight strap.

That’s because Henry doesn’t have the street cred to call the shots, yet.

But according to top 135-pound contender Marlon Moraes, Dillashaw is choosing the path of least resistance by attempting to face the 125-pound champion.

“I feel like [Dillashaw] doesn’t want to test himself,” Moraes told MMA Fighting. “He wants to fight the fights that he can win. I think stylistically if he fights Cejudo, it’s an easier matchup for him. That’s a no-risk fight. What’s Cejudo gonna do to him? Cejudo is gonna take him down, but he’s gonna get up. He’s a way better striker than Cejudo. I see him with the edge. I don’t think it makes sense,” he added.

While Marlon is all for superfights, he supports them only if they makes sense. For Dillashaw, there are several 135-pounders in the division — Marlon included — ready to test him.

“I respect the superfights, but when the superfight makes sense,” Moraes said. “I don’t think that’s the case. We’ve got plenty of contenders in my division. I see a lot of guys fighting for the title and I don’t get guys picking opponents. I just felt the UFC was running everything. This way it feels like the fighters are calling the shots.”

Winning an impressive 16 of his last 17 fights, Marlon has more than proven his worth as a legit title contender. And while he is more than willing to take on the next man up -- perhaps Dominick Cruz — to punch his ticket to the big dance, he says he technically still holds the WSOF title, which means Dillashaw can attempt to win his second belt by defeating him.

“If Dillashaw wants to have two belts, fight me,” Moraes said. “I’m still champion. I still carry the championship belt. I’m still the World Series of Fighting champion. He wants big fights, he wants to fight champions? I’m a big fight, too,” he added. “I’m a risky fight. He knows. If I don’t take this now, I’m gonna keep coming and one day I’m gonna get this.”

Should a superfight between Henry and T.J. not see the light of day, should Marlon be the front-runner to fight for “Viper’s” strap?