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Twitter reacts to proposed Johnson-Askren trade between UFC and ONE Championship

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Kenny Rice called it!

One Championship: Dynasty of Heroes Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

For those of you chumps who don’t surf the web during work hours (all three of you), you may have missed the news that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is considering a trade with ONE Championship in Asia, one that would send Demetrious Johnson to Singapore in exchange for ex-welterweight champion Ben Askren.

Who is apparently back from his trip to Pluto.

Nothing is finalized at this time, but “Funky” has been talking up a potential Octagon debut in 2019 and you know what they say about smoke and fire. Speaking of which, Twitter was ablaze with the news, with some of the top reactions listed below.

Despite his undefeated record, complementing his welterweight titles in both Bellator MMA and ONE Championship, Askren (18-0, 1 NC) was never considered one of the all-time greats at 170 pounds, simply because of his level of competition.

That can all change with a couple of big wins in UFC, but don’t expect to hear from Georges St-Pierre.

As for Johnson (27-3-1), he's likely to run the table at 125 pounds when he touches down in Asia. Nothing is official at this time, but it sounds more like a matter of “when” as opposed to “if,” so we'll keep you posted just as soon as there are any new developments.

Or if we hear from any “insecure scumbags.”