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Daniel Cormier ‘not worried’ about UFC handing Lesnar fight to Jon Jones

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Daniel Cormier is taking a risk by defending his UFC heavyweight title opposite Derrick Lewis at UFC 230 on Nov. 3 in New York City.

Not only is “Black Beast” one of the best knockout artists the heavyweight division has to offer, but Cormier is putting his future superfight with WWE star Brock Lesnar in harm’s way. Because if Lewis is able to upset “DC” in New York City then a bout with Lesnar is essentially old news for Cormier.

What could make matters worse for Cormier is the fact that his nemesis, Jon Jones, is scheduled to make his long-awaited Octagon return at UFC 232 on Dec. 29 against Alexander Gustafsson for the light heavyweight title, which Cormier currently holds. Considering Jones has already been linked to a superfight with Lesnar a victory over Gustafsson at UFC 232 could present the promotion with an opportunity to replace Cormier with “Bones.”

While Jones vs. Lesnar would presumably do better pay-per-view (PPV) numbers than Cormier vs. Lesnar, “DC” isn’t worried that his fiercest rival with take his spot in what expects to be one of the biggest fights of 2019

“No (I’m not worried about Jones taking that fight from me),” Cormier said at a UFC 230 media day (h/t MMA Junkie). “I’ve got to be honest with you: Over the course of my career I haven’t been done like that. I haven’t had anything promised to me that hasn’t been delivered. The UFC’s been good to me. I don’t worry about that.

“I know I’m going to fight Lesnar. There’s nobody or anything that could change that. They’ve never done me like that, so there’s no reason to believe it would start now.”

With seemingly nothing to worry about, Cormier can focus on his bout with Lewis before setting his sights on Lesnar. But considering “DC” already came face-to-face with Lesnar back at UFC 226 the current UFC heavyweight champion is eager to throw down with the WWE superstar.

“When I was in there with Lesnar on July 7 and he pushed me, I was like, ‘Holy (expletive),’ I’m having a WrestleMania moment,” Cormier explained. “I’ve got to be honest. I was having a WrestleMania moment. It was the greatest thing ever. I wanted to hit him, but my hand was hurting. He was big and I was kind of thrown off. His outfit was kind of jacked up. … I want to fight Brock. It will be fun.”

For now, Cormier is in control of his own UFC future. But should he struggle against “Black Beast” at UFC 230 or if Jones sparks Gustafsson in devastating fashion later this year, “DC” may have to start worrying about his Lesnar payday.