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Anderson Silva lobbies for McGregor superfight at 180 pounds: ‘It’s not about money’

Despite losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov earlier this month at UFC 229, combat superstar Conor McGregor remains the hottest ticket in town. Whether for competition or an unparalleled payday, fighters of all shapes and sizes wants a piece of “Notorious.”

This just so happens to include former UFC middleweight champion and all-time great Anderson Silva. After accepting McGregor’s challenge earlier this month, the legendary Brazilian is doubling down on his efforts to ensure a future superfight with McGregor.

“I’m waiting,” Silva told TMZ Sports (shown above). “Because I accept the challenge for Conor.”

This just sounds crazy, right?

While this is one of the less likely scenarios for McGregor and Silva at this point in their respective careers, there may be more to this than you think. After all, McGregor is probably not going to get a rematch with Khabib, his trilogy fight with Nate Diaz is in complete limbo, and he has already voiced his willingness to fight “Spider.”

“I think (UFC president Dana White needs) to think about this,” Silva said. “Because it’s two big guys in this sport. Two big names – yes, absolutely, two big legends. And, why not?”

As someone who has already moved up two weight classes to fight Diaz at welterweight, McGregor would probably be open to packing on the muscle one more time. But considering Silva is one of the bigger middleweights on the roster any potential superfight would have to take place at a reasonable weight for both fighters.

“I think 180 for me is good,” Silva said. “I think to Conor, (it’s good) too. Because it’s a super fight, it’s not about weight class.”

So why now? How come Silva is so enthusiastic about a McGregor superfight?

Most fighters in his position are lobbying for a chance to land the biggest payday of their careers. But as a 43-year-old veteran who has already made millions of dollars throughout his UFC tenure, Silva is more interested in fighting “Notorious” in the name of competition.

“Let me tell you something very important: It’s not about money, Conor,” Silva said. “It’s about martial arts challenge.”

If McGregor is motivated to headline the first UFC event in Dallas Cowboys stadium then maybe this is it. After all, the 30-year-old Irishman has always chased down the most interesting fights.