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Chris Weidman sends message to Luke Rockhold following UFC 230 fallout

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Despite clashing before, during, and after their middleweight title fight back at UFC 194 nearly three years ago, former UFC champions Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold seem to be on good terms these days.

Not only did Rockhold defend Weidman’s ‘incredible’ skill set when their rematch was announced for UFC 230 next month in New York City, but Weidman returned the favor earlier today after an injury to Rockhold forced him out of their co-main event.

Here is what Weidman had to say about Rockhold’s UFC 230 removal:

As a result of Rockhold’s injury, Ronaldo Souza has stepped up to fight Weidman. “Jacare” was expected to fight David Branch on the same card but UFC needed a replacement for New York’s own Weidman. Branch will now take on Jared Cannonier, who is cutting his UFC Fight Night 140 camp short to step in at UFC 230.

While most fighters, especially those who have battled inside and out of the cage in the past, would kick an opponent while they’re down, Weidman is being the bigger man here. If Souza was unable to fill in maybe “All-American” would be singing a different tune. Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

Rockhold has already stated that he expects his recovery time to be around four weeks, which could spell a return later this year or early into 2019. If Weidman is successful against “Jacare” at UFC 230 maybe the promotion will give Rockhold another chance to make it to a rematch.

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