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Nate Diaz not excited to fight Dustin Poirier at UFC 230: ‘I’m stuck in this s—t’

Sorry, still no bowing.

Where’s the worst place to end up as a fighter?

The mixed martial arts (MMA) event before or after the one headlined by Conor McGregor, because “Notorious” gets all the marketing money from the promotion and all the pay-per-view (PPV) money from the fans.

That’s probably why longtime lightweight veteran Nate Diaz is less than enthused about his Dustin Poirier fight at the upcoming UFC 230 event in New York City, which roughly one month out, still does not have a main event.

“Quit bein’ little bitches, straight up,” Diaz told TMZ about Dana White and Co. “I’m not excited at all, I’m stuck in this shit. That’s what it is. November third I’m comin’ to fight, so whoever wants it can get it.”

I’m pretty sure Dustin Poirier wants it, which is why he signed the contract.

By the time he gets to the Octagon next month, Diaz (19-11) will have been out of action for over two years and hasn’t seen the 155-pound weight class since late 2015. While some pundits have pegged him as a top-five PPV draw, the promotion appears to be unconvinced.

Which is why things are still “nutty as hell” on both sides.