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UFC 230: NY commission wants a word with Daniel Cormier after ‘DC’ blabbed about his bum hand

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MMA: UFC 226-Miocic vs Cormier Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Loose lips sink ships. They also torpedo main events.

New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) wants to have a little chat with UFC heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, after “DC” told the combat sports media that his hand was injured and incapable of closing “all the way.”

That’s probably not the best news to break within earshot of a commission that yanked Max Holloway from his UFC 223 main event without even giving him a physical, or benching Jessica Aguilar at UFC Utica for having chapped lips.

“Our medical team may require additional medical checks for any specific fighter when warranted, and they do,” NYSAC spokesperson Lee Park told MMA Junkie. That means time is of the essence, considering the UFC 230 main event is less than three weeks away.

Not surprisingly, the commission will also be putting opponent Derrick Lewis under the microscope, as the “Black Beast” just fought at UFC 229 back on Oct. 6 and took a couple of rounds of punishment before securing his come-from-behind win, leading to a temporary medical suspension.

I know on the surface this sounds like just a formality, but there have been so many problems with NYSAC in the past that nothing is guaranteed (just ask this guy). What we do know for certain is that Cormier and Lewis don’t have much time to get their medicals sorted out.

UFC 230 goes down Sat., Nov. 3, 2018 inside Madison Square Garden in New York City.