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Crazed Conor McGregor fans targeting Michael Chiesa’s mother, girlfriend over ‘Notorious’ bus lawsuit

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The word “fans” is short for “fanatics,” so it’s understandable if they get a little rowdy when it comes time to root for their favorite sport/team/athlete. But there is supposed to be a line that doesn’t get crossed and welp ... mixed martial arts (MMA) fans haven’t been on their best behavior in recent years.

And while American fans may be the worst of the bunch, according to this former UFC champion, those folks who set up shop on the Irish sack of former UFC lightweight titleholder, Conor McGregor, may have reached a new low.

That’s according to UFC welterweight Michael Chiesa, who filed a lawsuit against “Notorious” after getting busted open during last April’s glass-shattering bus attack in Brooklyn, New York (watch the video replay here).

“It just has not been good,” Chiesa told The MMA Hour. “Even my girlfriend and my mom get messages and comments. They’re not a part of this and it’s kind of a shame when — my mom’s a sensitive lady and I do my best to protect her and stuff. And when she tells me about some of the mean things that are getting sent her way it’s really, it’s a shame. Anybody can say whatever they want to me. This is about me, this isn’t about my family.”

Chiesa, who was unable to compete at UFC 223 as a result of his injuries, is suing McGregor Sports and Entertainment, as well as Barclays Center and McGregor’s associates for negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and assault and battery, according to MMA Fighting.

After getting all patched up, “Maverick” was finally able to fight Pettis at UFC 226 in July, but came in overweight and succumbed to a second-round submission. That prompted his long-overdue jump to welterweight, where he’ll face Carlos Condit at UFC 232.

His McGregor lawsuit has yet to be resolved.