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George St-Pierre denies targeting Jon Jones with PED talk - ‘I wouldn’t push him when he’s down’

Georges St-Pierre drew the ire of former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones after “Bones” slammed “Rush” for saying a fighter should be dropped from pound-for-pound talk after a failed drug test.

See those comments here.

The statements stung a bit more for “Bones” — who felt he was being singled-out by Georges — as he looked up to the ex-Welterweight and Middleweight champion of the world, and even mixed it up with him a few times in the training room. Now, “Rush” is clearing up his remarks, saying he was never targeting Jon from the beginning.

“Jon Jones got angry at me, I saw on social media, because of the steroid thing, So my friend showed me the post on Instagram and I didn’t understand. I was not targeting Jon Jones,” Georges said during a recent edition of Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show.

“I was not talking about Jones, but then I realized, ‘Shit, Jon Jones win with a head kick against Cormier.’ But I was not targeting him. I was talking about PEDs and remove people when they get caught for PEDs and I said often that everything is different. It’s like, it’s a grey line, it is not black and white. If you look at some guys who have been caught with performance-enhancing drugs, after they get caught, their performance diminishes. They are not the same fighter anymore,” explained Georges.

“But if you look at Jon Jones, Jon Jones has been pretty constant. And he claims that, I believe from what I have read on the report, is that one of the substances got tainted. So it’s not that he took it, it just that one of his supplement got tainted,” he added. “So I was not targeting him especially. I have a good relationship with Jon Jones. I trained with him and I felt bad.”

According to St-Pierre, he would never kick a fighter when he’s down. Furthermore, if anyone has the capability of rising from the ashes it’s “Bones.”

“I know he had to go through some tough times with USADA and the draw with that. One thing I do not want to do is push a guy down when he’s down and things don’t go well. If I think someone can come back from that and to be champion through those circumstances I think it’s Jon Jones. I think Jon Jones can do it. I think he’s a very talented guy and I think he can do that.”

Is that clear enough for you?

Jones will have the opportunity to prove Georges right and become UFC Light Heavyweight champion once again when he faces off against Alexander Gustafsson for the strap in the main event of UFC 232, which is set to go down on Dec. 29, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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