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Video: Deontay Wilder floors Spanish mascot, apologizes for not-broken jaw

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Skip to 10:50 for the mascot mauling.

So today I found out that a thin layer of craft-store foam will not, in fact, protect you from a heavyweight boxer punching you in the face as hard as he can. Apparently that wasn’t common knowledge, either, or Deontay Wilder probably wouldn’t have left that Spanish mascot looking up at the lights during his appearance on Nacion ESPN.

“Anything headlining I didn’t know a ‘Human Being’ was in there is just straight ‘Click Baiting,’” Wilder wrote on Instagram. “Like come on now, I guess the Mascot rolled out there. Show some respect!”

“I sincerely apologize to the brave man that was injured (if this is true),” a skeptical Wilder continued. “I have the utmost high respect for him, his participation, willingness and courage. If this is true Nacion ESPN, I personally would like to invite him to my Dec. 1 fight. Word Is Bond.”

Turns out the mascot was okay.

“Reports are innacurate. No injury was caused to the Mascot performer during the Nación ESPN segment,” an ESPN representative told TheWrap.

Wilder (40-0), the reigning WBC heavyweight champion, will try to do likewise when he fights former titleholder Tyson Fury on Sat., Dec. 1, 2018 inside Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif. (more on that fight card here).