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Tyron Woodley on hand injury: ‘It made a noise like light bulbs cracking’

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Esther Lin - MMA Fighting

It’s going to be a few more months before welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is back in the cage.

That’s the word from Tyron himself, who did his latest episode of The Hollywood Beatdown with TMZ Sports from a doctor’s office as they splinted up his injured right wrist. That’s what took him out of the running to headline UFC 230 at Madison Square Garden and will now keep him from fighting again until January.

”It’s the CMC joint, I dislocated my thumb in the [Darren Till] fight,” Woodley explained. “I did it in the first round and then I actually tore ligaments there. At the end of the first round I punched and hit the back of his head. And then the second round, I started elbowing and punching and then I got on top and the coach was like ‘Hook punch him!’ So I started doing what we call the hook punch and my hand started hurting.”

”I was like ‘Aw that doesn’t feel good, let me elbow this motherf**ker. So that’s what I started doing. And at the end of the fight I just saw my thumb just poking out. My natural reaction was to push it back down. I pushed it down, ooh, I’m like ‘I broke it. Wow this is crazy. I’m probably going to have to get pins, this is probably displaced.’ Then it popped up again, I pushed it back down, it made a noise like light bulbs cracking in my hand.”

Woodley described the procedure to fix his hand as one of the most painful he’d ever experienced.

”I ain’t never wanted to fight no doctor so bad in my life,” he said. “When he injected me it was at about a 15 out of 10. I’m trying to keep it together cuz I don’t want to be no punk ass bitch.”

As for the prognosis?

”I got 6 to 8 weeks, [doctors] said. In two weeks I can move it around, 6 to 8 I should be training full, he doesn’t want me to fight before 6 to 8 weeks. Obviously I have to do a full training camp as well, so probably January. Most likely [against Colby Covington], unless they want me to fight somebody else. Anybody can get it right now, to be honest.”