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Khabib responds to 50 Cent’s ‘dead serious’ $2 million Bellator offer: ‘Send me location’

The MMA world awaits with bated breath the results of a recent power move levied at the UFC from their newest superstar fighter, Khabib Nurmagomedov. Earlier this week, Khabib let the promotion know that if they fired his teammate Zubaira Tukhugov for his involvement in the UFC 229 brawl, they better fire him too.

That puts the UFC in a tough place: the unrepentant Tukhugov jumped into the Octagon after the fight and threw punches at Conor McGregor, an act that clearly warrants an instant and eternal ban for any athlete unable to move over a million PPVs for the company. But Nurmagomedov just sold 2.4 million PPVs and became a household name with his dominating performance over McGregor. And he’s just crazy enough to follow through on his word and walk away from a ton more money if the UFC doesn’t bend to his will.

With the way UFC contracts are set up, there’s no way Khabib could just walk into another promotion. But that didn’t stop Bellator brand ambassador 50 Cent from offering him $2 million to fight in Bellator.

Soon after, Khabib replied...

50 Cent added “I’m dead serious” to the conversation, which might open Bellator up to tortious interference charges if Fiddy’s position as a Bellator power broker was as real as he makes it out to be on social media.

Potential lawsuits aside, the message has certainly grabbed a lot of attention, which is exactly what Bellator wants coming into their big Fedor Emelianenko vs. Chael Sonnen fight at Bellator 208.

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